Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am amazed at the creativity and talent I see in so many people here in blogland! They are so dedicataed to their art. They have figured out being successful is a work in progress. Success doesnt come to those "waiting". You can wish for it, but you will always have to put the work in. And I think work is the wrong word, because if you truly love what your doing it never feels like work!

I have finally gotten my LIttle Pink Plaza shop opened up at Make Mine Pink. Its time to rock and roll now. Its one of the best places to find shabby chic and all things pink! I have already sold a couple things at etsy. So, its a great start. So I hope you all find great inspiration today,,, make it magic. Until next time.........

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Lisa said...


Love the necklace it is beautiful. Hope your having a great week.