Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mya's Concert!!!

Sometimes I just have to BE a grandma and brag so be patient with me. lol Tonight was my Grandaughter Mya's spring concert at school. She is in the first grade now.Man she is growing up soooo fast. The concert was outdoors and the weather couldnt be more perfect. Even a nice cool breeze. It was hard to get any pictures of them singing; by then it had gotten dark and they didnt turn out too well. But these are some before and her BFF. Her and Arianna were in kindergarden together too. I hope they stay close friends forever. We had a blast and the kids were so cute. So I just had to post a couple pictures for now.

I am working on more jewelry and sewing and I will have more to post for sure before Make Mine Pinks show and tell monday!! until next time,, happy creating gail


Lisa said...


Mya is a doll. Your a wonderful grandmother. Hope you are having a fantastic day.


Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

Hi! Gail..thnaks for stopping by and checking out the cupcakes!
Be a grandma...Wish I was!! LOL
Mya is darling.!!!
Your earings are goregous too, can't wait to see what you'll do with the roses!!
Cindy:) xoxo

Lilli Blue said...

You have a wonderful blog!Thanks for stopping by mine. isn't it wonderful the way those little sweethearts can touch our hearts and make us proud. thanks for sharing your beautiful little angel with us!

Susie said...

Brag away Grandma! Mya is a cutie! Love that smile.
Pink hugs,