Sunday, July 20, 2008

Show and Tell Monday and Christmas!

I am happy to be able to post for show and tell. I had considered passing this week. I have been packing and I have ALOT of great stuff to pack! lol Also this week my boss, Kay, had jury duty and has been assigned to a criminal trial that will be at least 2 weeks. Being her personal assistant has a whole new meaning now. She is really going to need my help. To make matters harder for both of us, she is having a pig roast luau this coming saturday at her home for over 100 people. Plus I have quite a few pet sitting assignments over the next two weeks also. The house I am in now closes next monday, so I have lots to do. But I am going to do what I can to participate in any of the Make Mine Pink promotions. I love doing them and wouldnt miss it for the world.

So, I have done a few heart shaped ornaments that will be on my website for the Christmas in July event. I thought these earrings were just fun. Dont tell anyone I have snagged the keys to Santas Sleigh! And last but not least, evidence that I am not being slack on productivity, and this stack of boxes is the tip of the iceberg!

I cant wait to visit all of the Make Mine Pink sights today for the beginning of Christmas in July. Make sure to participate in the contest, there are great prizes, including a $200.00 Make Mine Pink gift card! Unitl next time..........


Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Gail!

What a busy bee you have been! Packing and unpacking is so much work,but once you are settled in I know it will all have been worth it. Love key earrings and the heart ornaments. Adorable!! As always you are one creative pinkie. Have a great week and sell, sell ,sell!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Silena said...

Hi Gail,
Oh my I don't envy have so much on your plate and you always sound so cheerful. Sounds like one busy two weeks for you. A roasted pig luau.....ooooh I wish I could go!! Your goodies are beautiful, as usual! Try to take a few minutes just for yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Gail!
You have so much going on! I love the earrings! Very cute idea. And your hearts are so pretty! I can't wait to see what else you create! Don't pack any kitties!


Carolee Crafts said...

Hi Gail
Good luck with the packing, just loved the heart very vintage Christmas

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Gail, Sounds like you have a busy week! The heart ornaments are beautiful!!

Pei Li

lisa said...


Sounds like you have a very busy week scheduled. Just take your time and do one thing at a time. Don't stress, you'll do a great job.

Love the new jewelry, gorgeous as always.


Craft Diva said...

you are one busy lady, gail! wow...that's a lot of packing. love the earrings, love the pillows too. merry Christmas!

Theresa said...

You are so cheery in spite of all your tasks. I hope everything goes smoothly, and you can enjoy your new apartment. Love the kitten picture in the last post. Adorable....
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Susan said...

Those earrings are wonderful! Boxes! I live in that world daily and I am not even moving! Antique shops do that to you!
Susan *dutchrose*

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Hi Gail,

You really have so much on your plate. I hope it is all over soon and you moved and settled in to your new place. I can't believe you found time to make new goodies. I love the earrings, they are so cute! I have to check out your CIJ. Have a great week!

Michelle M. May said...

Hey Gail,
Hold on girlfriend, your in for one heck of a busy ride this week. Good grief, I thought I was bad. :)I'll be thinking about you. Smooches to the kitties from Auntie.

Patricia said...

Gail, you have been one busy lady. Good luck with the move. I don't know how you managed to create those yummy ornaments and earrings in the midst of a move. Super Pinkie!!


Inka Thomas said...

You have been one busy little gal lately.Glad you did your S and T today. I love the ornaments.

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Gail, the ornments and key earrings turned out great! You have been very busy! Be careful with those boxes...don't hurt anything. (( ))

Susie said...

Gail, You a slack off? No way Jose! I marvel at how dedicated you are to your creativity even though you have so much going on to pull you away. That determination and joy will move you forward to your dreams.
Susie The Polka Dot Rose

sita said...

My goodness you have been busy! Love your heart I love your new goodies, good luck with everything! Try and get some rest during all this!

cathy said...

Wow Gail, do you ever sleep? Where do you find time to do all you do, specially this week? Love those key earrings. My daughters would totally think those were cool!

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Hi Gail, I love the vintage look you gave your heart ornaments. Darling!!

Sounds like you're going to be busy. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!! *smiles*

K&E@forgetmenotdreams said...

Hi Gail! I hope things are going well with your move! Sounds like you are way organized! Can't believe you still managed to pull off Show and Tell Monday! It took me till Friday to get here!
Forget Me Not Dreams

Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

Hi! Gail...Good luck with everything...your ornaments are precious!
Cindy :) xoxo