Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving Day and Join me at the Make Mine Pink Retreat

Hi everyone, its been crazy as heck around here. And to top it off i got food poisoning this week. I am finally back with the living again. Tomorrow I get the keys to my new place. Its very bittersweet. I am looking so forward to getting this move over and getting my new studio set up so I can get to work on all of my new ideas! BUT its like 110 degress and high humidity, so I just dreat it too. So I am not too sure how long before the cable company will have me up and running. I dont know if the bedroom that will be my studio is wired for internet yet, so I may be away for a few days. But come back and check. I plan on having a blog give away to celebrate!!!

I also want you all to know about the Make Mine Pink Retreat that is being held in Colonial Williamsburg VA on Sept 19, 20. If you own your own business online or brick or mortar or are thinking of starting a business this will be a great oppurtunity! Its in a beautiful setting. The speakers are fabulous and the food is to die for!! We are going to have lots of fun and contest with fabulous prizes too. This is just a perfect event to jump start your business. For all of the information go to and in the top right corner of the page is a tab labled MMP Retreat. Check it out.


lisa said...

Hey Gail

Everyone here is doing great. The girls start back to school on the 20th, I love them dearly but it's time. They are starting to say they are bored. Hope your having a great day. Be careful moving this weekend. Take it slow and easy.

Love ya

Laura said...

Hi Gail!

Just poppin in to say hello! So happy you are going to the retreat. Wish I could go too. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it. I hope all is well with you. Have a great day!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Hope your move went well and that you are back to feeling 100 per cent.

Look forward to meeting you at the Retreat.


Flowerchild Clay Queen Angel Heart Designs said...

Hi! Gail..I loved featuring your necklace...I just love mine & get SO many compliments really!!!!
Good luck with the move..
Cindy :)

My Pink Boutique said...

Gail, I'm so sorry you were sick! Eeek!

Your new place sounds like it's going to be a good move. I know you'll have fun setting everything up just like you want it.

Kimberly :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Gail, Hope your move was successful and your computer is up and running. I can't be without mine for one day. I had food poisoning once and never was so sick in my life. The restaurant where I think I got it only stayed open a couple of months before closing. Yuk! ~ Have a super great weekend. ~ Lynn