Sunday, November 8, 2009

I met an amazing artist

I did a show at the Irish Cultural Center this weekend and had a great time. It is located in downtown Phoenix in the cutest cottage. They hold alot of events and weddings here as well as Irish celebrations. I met some of the nicest people and plan to join some of their groups. During this show their was a quilt artist named Beverly Fizzell. She had her work displayed during our show. She is pure genious. Her work is done all by hand. I enjoyed speaking with her so much. She is a painter and artist of many mediums. She does not sell her quilts and it took her friends to convince her to display them! I hope she will keep displaying them because they are truly a work of art the world would love to see. She was such a nice person and so humble. I hope you enjoy the photos. They were very high on the wall, so my photos arent quite a good as I would have liked.

The carousel with the horses flying off took her two years. She told me the dancing girl was her 2 second quilt she made. (wow, can you imagine!) The man hole cover is pure genious. I have never seen anything like it. She said it was hanging on the ceiling of her home. The dog has a collar and the shoe laces actually dangle down. The cats are gorgeous. To give the appearance of muscle structure and a dimensional look she wet the fabric and stretch and pulled to manipulate the fabric. I hope you have enjoyed meeting Beverly,,, I know I sure did. I hope to see her again at the Center.


Marie said...

Hi Gail,
You are right she is amazing. She has a unique and original point of view. If she sold her work, I would definitely buy it.

H Bain said...

Hey Gail-
Thanks for posting both her work and yours! I've never seen anyone that could do that type of work with quilting and that type of medium before-she is incredibly talented!
I'm thrilled that it sounds like things went well at the Irish Cultural Center, and I hope that you had a wonderful time!

Susan said...

Those are totally amazing...I am always amazed by the fiber that cupcake pillow of yours with the cupcake fabric!

Hope all is well...I am not slowly easing into was 64 here today...and I do not want to slight November :-)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

A true artist! What a gift she has! Thanks for showing this girlfriend.I would have loved to chat with her myself.

Hope you did well at the show.
bunny hugs,

Andie-Brown Bee Studio said...

Wowzers Gail....Beverly surely is gifted! LOVE the manhole cover!!!! Thanks for sharing her with us and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your time at the Cultural Center. xoxo AndieBee

Mary Patterson said...

What incredible work - never seen ANYthing like it! How fun it must have been for you to meet her & talk to her. I love YOUR work, too!
Mary Patterson

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Gail,

Oh wow, you are right! Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilts! They are fantastic and I can't believe they are actually quilts!

Pei Li

the sassy beach said...

OMG she is amazing I love her work, thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a great time - hugs sassy gail

Carolee Crafts said...

These quilts are amazing, it puts my efforts to shame. Thank you for sharing.

lisa said...


An amazing textile artist indeed! Wow, the manhold cover is awesome. She is truly blessed with wonderful talent.

Pale Pink And Roses

Patricia said...

those quilts are absolutely amazing. I had to go back for a second look, I had originally thought they were paintings! She is definitely a genius! Thanks for sharing.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Kimberly said...

What beautiful work, and I'm sure it is even more beautiful to see it in person!

Juniper Hill Antiques said...

Beautiful works of art! Thanks for sharing!

prashant said...

. If she sold her work, I would definitely buy it. Work from home India

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hello Gail,
I'm so glad you stopped by. There are just the most amazing people out in blogland. The quilts are just beautiful and I love your header and other things I see.

Were you raised in Central California? We go to Morro Bay every summer and more if we can. We also love to go to Cambria and Cayucos.