Thursday, February 18, 2010

Linens, Lace and Grandma Friend

As most of you know every friday we have a themed shopping day at Make Mine Pink. There have been some really fun themes so far this year, but I believe tomorrow will be a favorite for alot of you. Its all about linens and lace. So many of the participating boutiques will have a large variety and assortment of vintage linens and lace. I dont have alot, but I was able to come up with one new project I will post tomorrow.

This weeks theme did get me thinking about a few embroidered napkin sets on linen and some vintage handkerchiefs that belonged to one of my Grandmothers. Grandma Friend was always old for as long as I can remember. Very hard of hearing, but the sweetest little lady you ever saw. I have heard told she had a very stubborn streak, (that may explain something about but I never saw it. I love to visit her in San Diego. She had a very cute cottage style house with this unbelievable garden. She grew everything. The berries were wonderful. Black berries, strawberries and even boysenberries. She had peach, apricot and plum trees also. There was an adorable play house made of wood with pink gingerbread trim I loved to play in. Then we would always make a trip to Sea World. The only part of the trip I remember disliking was her mean little dog. That thing bit everyone! I have so few belongings of my relatives that are now gone so these are very special to me. I have two boxes that the hankies were never removed from. So someone gave her a couple gifts that never got used, but I am happy it turned out that way, because I now have them to take care of.


Merry's Musings said...

Wow! What an awesome grandma story, thanks so much for sharing. So nice to have the few things we do have from our relies, my grandma used to collect salt and pepper shakers. I have a few of them and when I get them out it just takes me right back to the day!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Vintage hankies are one of my favorite things, too. I have the hand embroidered ones that my mother-in-law, her sister and mother all created. There some of my true treasures.
Thanks for visiting my blog today. Good luck in the drawing! I'll be back again to visit and look forward to getting to know you better.

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Gail,

Thanks for stopping by. What neat memories, and look how lucky you are to have such beautiful hankies to remember her by.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gail sweet memories thank you for journey..I do not have heirloom treasures either..thanks to my sister when my mother passed away! The garden sounds so magical.I grew up in country,picking blueberries,grapes,apples,strawberries and rasberry's for my moms canning and pies..those were the days!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail..I hope you can stop by on way to Cape! Hopefully it will not snow this summer since we had hardly any???!! I am handicapped and cannot drive to Cape..
Plus I just posted~
Shabby Beach Cottage guest room in exchange for gardening,decorating,handylady,cooking etc...this summer..check out post on my blog!

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Hi Gail, I have not been around for ages as I have felt in a bit of a funk. I just wanted to say what a lovely blog and the vintage linens are beautiful, Maureen....