Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Art of the Handbag

Girls Night Out
Crystal Ballroom

Ladies Choice

I will admit to owning ALOT of purses. Its so bad that my friends refuse to help me move them all anymore. I am not really a designer handbag kind of girl. The more girly girl they are the better too. I love finding great deals on bags too. I love all colors and styles for that matter. However there are to designer bags I adore. That would be anything Brighton. I do own two of them, cute as can be. BUT.... Mary Frances has taken making bags to an art form and they are gorgeous. I was very lucky to get one as a gift two Christmas' ago. (Its the last photograph). I know they arent everyone cup of tea, but for me, they are like little three dimensional Monets or Picassos :) The photographs here are from her website.

There is no update on the studio this week... I cant believe this, but I have changed my mind on the whole color scheme. I just cant help it. I have to go with the pinks and creams. Out with the reds. I had no inspiration and was just "stuck". As fate would have it I came down with the flu. Like the stay in bed for three days and want to die kind of flu. Somewhere in the dreams of all that sleep or fever induced inspiration I came up with the perfect ideas. I have to say that is REALLY looking at the silver lining of being so sick. But I will start again this week toward my goal. It may be a bad time of year to start all of this. Afterall the holidays are coming and I should be creating lots of new things for my shop. But I just feel like I need to get my studio, my apt and my life just the way I want it,,, then start fresh and new on my business and all of my new ideas. I cant wait to share some photos soon. Have a great week.


lisa said...

Those handbags are over the top! I'm a plain jane when it comes to my purse.

Take care and have a great night.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww! I think I am in LOVE!!! These are GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Susie said...

Hi Gail! OMG I am a Mary Frances admirer too. I am fortunate to own one. I take "her" out for very special occasions and always get so many compliments. So whimsical and gorgeous! Perhaps two lovely birthday gals could get new MF purses this year as gifts...oh birthday fairy where are you? Great show and tell!
The Polka Dot Rose

Carolee Crafts said...

Gail so sorry you have been poorly, perhaps your body was telling enough and have a break, take care, Hugs.

Love the bags, all the decorations I could only aspire to make something so beautiful.

Angel Heart Designs said...

Gail..what a fun show n tell. I dont' own one yet??
have a great week!
Cindy :)

Bardot in Blue said...

you're creativity just gives life to the most beautiful things. BTW amazing story..the little bracelet I bought from you so long ago...I FINALLY GOT IT! It arrived to my mom's in california soon after you sent it. Then she tried to sent it to me but it was lost in the mail and took about two months to arrive back at her doorstep. We were afraid of trying to put it in the mail again so we waited but I couldn't wait any longer so she sent it again and I finalllly got it just the other day amazingly! I adore it and now it's just like me...a world traveler haha!

xoxo Haleigh @ Bardot in Blue

red.neck chic said...

LOVE Mary Francis handbags!!! I am so lucky that I have two - spoiled, I know...

But YUM! I drool all over them!!!

Adore Yours!!!

;-D robelyn

Dawn said...

I am a Brighton fan, too. And Vera Bradley. And last year I was lucky to find an Eric Javits embroidered basket bag on eBay for cheap. You should check out the Isabella Fiore cherries bag on my purse blog.

Charlotte said...

I always say you can't go wrong with pink. I really like purses too. Every so often I sack up several and take them to the Goodwill. I always look at the beautiful Brighton purses but have yet to invest the money it takes to purchase one. Maybe someday. I especially like the picture of the first purse you put on this post.

Mary Patterson said...

What a wonderful post ... from purses to the flu to pink for your new room. No more flu, OK? Purses = YES to them all and pink on the walls = YES! Keep creating, too.
Mary Patterson

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Gail,

You sound as swamped as me, only I gave up on my studio/classroom to do Halloweenies. My doctor has had me on new meds for the past two months and I'm not doing so hot, so tomorrow we hopefully change that at my next appt. I sincerely hope we can get together soon. I'd really like to try somthing like taking you to Melrose Vintage in October. Let's see if we can do this after the 13th.