Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Loving Cute Pink Computer Stuff:)

I just wanted to share these fun pink cables I just got:)  These are so fun and they match my pink kitty computer tower.  Its a set of three cables,,, here is the official names...

GE 3 Cable Kit USB,Cat5,USB Mini Device 6ft each PinkListed for charity

My friend and computer guy hooked me up with these, but he has an Ebay shop and has a few more sets to sell.  I know how my friends like pink as much as I do,  so I wanted to let you all know where to find them, here at Tonys place.    
I will have lots of new things to share in the next few days.  I am having fun with a new idea for pillows and I have also started working on some projects for my new shop.  I start teaching some craft classes at the end of this week also.  I have been doing well, a lot more energy and ready to begin working on my future. Lets get this party started! :)