Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving October

October is my favorite month. When you live in the southwest desert and its been months of triple digit weather any relief is awesome.  It still gets in the low 100's in the afternoons, but the mornings and evenings are so pretty.  Not to mention October is mega birthday month around here. Nearly all of my family and friends birthdays are in October so there is alot of celebrating going on.

I have been trying to transition my work life into a more creative job.  I made the decision to go part time at my job. I wasnt healing from my surgery as well as I should have been sitting for 8 hours straight everyday.  So I go in from 6 to 10 in the mornings. I will be teaching sewing classes at Joanns starting officially in January, but may do some classes in Dec.  Once I get things perfected I really hope to branch out and do more of that. It seems like alot of fun.  I really have alot of ideas I am working on.ting ready.  From here I hope to be able to get started on my own shop and event space next year.

So with my reduced hours I am making sure not to waste anytime and being as productive as possible.  I am trying to stock up the two stores I am in and re-do my website.  This is a few things I have been working on this past weekend.  For the holidays I made some double ruffled crepe paper streamers and its time to start making Christmas ornaments.  I am busy making the cupcakes and the ice cream cone ornaments.  The pink plate is what I painted when my friends took me to As You Wish pottery painting studio for my birthday. :)  That is always so much fun to do.  If you have a birthday in October to, Happy Birthday! Enjoy the fall weather where ever you are.


Lisa said...


Love all your newest creations!

Caroline Nash said...

Love the frills Gail and the cones are so sweet. The plate is so pretty and look forward to your next creations. xox

Mary Patterson said...

Gail, SO glad the creative time & inspiration is back. What a blessing to be able to go part time at the work place. LOVE all your pretties. That plate is gorgeous!
Mary P

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad to hear the new hours will work well for you! I Loveeeeeeee the new creations! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)