Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Computer Days!!!

Boy! It takes hours to manage all of this stuff. I still enjoy it though. Just what I need, another new hobby. LOL With help from my friend (thanks Judy) I was able to figure my camera out a little better, so I was able to get a few better pictures up on etsy. I have gotten my boutique posted at Make Mine Pink on the little pink plaza. So all of this feels GREAT!

I met some friends from High School for breakfast Saturday. It was so nice seeing everyone. Susie came with her family all the way from New Hamshire and it sounds absolutely beautiful. For the first time in a very long time I was the baby of the group. The other girls are already 50, and I have until October. But Susie said something very thought provoking and I really liked it. She said she never minded turning the age of a new decade, ie; 30, 40, 50, because that a new start. Its better than 29,39,49 because thats the end of the decade. So now I am really looking forward to that new start. And besides 50 is the new 40 anyway. LOL She gave us all an open invitation to New Hampshire, and I hope she meant it, because I am going!!!

Well, here are a few new things to post. I am trying to get more artsy in my creations. Ya know something with a story or feeling behind the inspiration. Until next time ..........


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K&E@forgetmenotdreams said...

Hey Gail!
Your doing a great job with you blog! Love the name! Thanks for helping me toast Joyce on my blog!
Forget Me Not Dreams