Monday, March 17, 2008

The Most Amazing Weekend

I got back from Chicago yesterday afternoon. Words cant describe how great this trip was. Meeting up with all the girls from Make Mine Pink was the most fun I have had in so long. I was the only one who flew into Chicago Midway apt, so I got a taxi and headed for the brownstone we stayed at. My taxi driver was a very nice guy. When I arrived everyone had just gone down the street for some lunch. So I walked down to a sandwich shop and had lunch. This was in its own way a great experience. I never eat alone. But here in another city it was kinda fun. As I watched all the people walking up and down the street, I couldnt help but notice how everyone seemed to be so dressed up. They looked so put together. Here in Arizona its so casual that its sloppy jeans and sweats. It was really something to think about.

When I went back to the house and all the other girls got back it was like a reunion. It really seemed like I had met them all before. I even knew who they were before we said our names!!! Later we walked around Michigan ave, aka the Magnificent Mile, and also had dinner. When we went back "home" we all just talked and laughed our heads off all night. The next morning we all got together for the Country Living seminar. Four of the girls were pitching there business early that morning for the magazine. They all did great and have wonderful ideas. I really hope that they are chosen. The event had several speakers and panel discussions. The information was so inspiring. The main features that stuck out for me I guess was the technical aspects. I am very new to that and I wanted to learn as much as I could. They all felt blogging was very important to todays online market. A great way to get found by alot of different people. I learned a little more about . They are supposed to be doing some advertising now to let more people know about etsy. I kind of agreed with Joyce, why have they NOT been advertising before. There was building website advice. (some of it was still over my head. LOL) Then the last part of the day was the panel with the 10 most inspiring women. Of course Joyce made an incredible impression. She just glowed up there. Her husband was so proud of her. I loved it, he wore a pink shirt and a Make Mine Pink button. After the wine and cheese reception we received these awsome gift bags. Its a great brown tote and it was filled with all kinds of things, mostly from the women entrepenuers businesses.

At the house we had a pizza party, but before we could eat, we had to dress for dinner and wear our tiarras. The winner was Michelle. It must have been such a hard descion to make, because they were all great. Michelles white gold and diamond tiarra ring was so cool. She really deserved it, she was such a great person to get to know. We had a gift exchange and it was so funny. I ended up with what I wanted. Diane brought the cutes pink stuffed bunny, but it has a secret. You put her in the microwave and its a scented heating pad. I love her. Hey,I just thought, I think I will name her Dianne. LOL But we all pooped out and headed for bed around 1 am. The next day, my nice taxi guy picked my up to take me back to the apt. I was so sad leaving and I am looking so forward to meeting everyone again!!!! These are a few pictures of the beautiful pink girls.........


Debbie said... sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you got to go and meet everyone. :)


mylulus said...

Hi Gail,
Just read your comment on my blog
thanks for taking the time to write and I will stop by mmp again,
Your trip sounds great wish I was there. Im thinking about the confrence in Oct? do you no what state its in?
Id love to exchange links with you.

Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

HI Gail,
I love the photos you posted. What a wonderful weekend in the Windy City with fabulou,inspiring women. I was so pleased to meet you, Gail - truly an lovely, talented business woman. I can't wait til September and the MMP Conference and we can hopefully spend more time.
Carol at Clutter Bug Studio

lisa said...


I am so glad you had a great time. Thanks for posting pictures. Hope your having a great day.


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Gail! Chicago was so much fun wasn't it! I really enjoyed meeting you. Looking forward to September.