Monday, September 16, 2013

A Perfect Match


I have had this painting for quite some time.  I love the colors.  But I have had the hardest time photographing anything in my apartment.  There is never good lighting, try as I may.  The yellow and green background are brighter and it is a happy painting.  It goes with my new colors I remodeled with.  I love the citrus tones.  

Not too long ago I found this fabric at Joannes. It is a HGTV Home Decor fabric and I fell in love with it.  Again with my lighting issues these photos are a tad brighter than it really is, but once I got it home it was amazing to see how well it matched this painting. The painting has some teal in it and there is the same teal in the fabrics.  Not a normal color combination but I keep getting drawn to it.  So I am making a few accessories for the living area.  It feels so good to be creating again:)


Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Remodeled This Summer

Wow it is September, and this is a very good thing.  This is officially the busiest summer I have ever had.  I have missed blogging, sewing and anything creative.  Though, it has been worth it all!  My boss bought a new building and we had the BIG move to make.  Moving an office is not a job for the faint of heart.  But more on that later.... I also went through a remodel in my apartment. In hindsight it would have been much easier to move!  I had to move everything out of my bedroom and studio so new carpet could be put in. Then everything had to be moved from the rest of the place back in the two rooms so the wood floors could be put in, THEN it all had to be unpacked and put away.  I did get new furniture and did some painting.  Now that it is all done I am ready to relax and enjoy the fall weather and holidays. Cant wait to start creating again.
This is my Bunny Hutch, the picture on the right is called "Fairy Thief" It was made by an awesome artist named Joanne May.  I won this print earlier this year and I couldnt wait to get this remodel done so that I could hang it up. 
Moving Books in no fun, but still love them, better than ebooks:)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Display Ideas

I have been lucky enough to be in some local shops over the years.  One of the very best things you can do to help your sales and stand out from your competition is to create unique display settings. I think this is really important at craft shows as well.  I have always had a very unique style and the two terms used the most to describe it is "pink" or "Gail-ish"  :)  But drawing the crowds eye your way is worth the effort.  Using object that have been reinvented or in a different way is fun.

With this being a new year, I am full of new ideas and changes that will be totally new for me.   My job really takes up so much of my time, but very blessed to have it and even more blessed that I LOVE it.  Even so I have been doing some event planning.  I really have fun with that and it fits into a business plan I have been working on for a couple years.  So we will see what the Universe has in store with that dream.  But I have been sketching some Art Dolls.  I think they are a very original idea and I cant wait to share them.  I just need to get this off the ground first. I just dont want to give away my idea yet. :) But, this is what got me thinking about displays.  I want to incorporate my dolls and bears into a wonderland display all their own.  Its an exciting prospect. I just hope to find more time to balance my work and my creative dreams!

I thought I would share some of my display ideas from the past. Maybe they will give you some ideas for a display for your next craft show or photo shoot!

Happy Creating, Gail     

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Past, Present and Future

I have been feeling pretty good and on top of things this Holiday.  My daughter is happily married, my job is going well and my family is well and healthy.  I got my tree up early this year.  In fact it is the first year I have had one up in a few years.  These are a few of the ornaments that I have made over the years and I always love getting them out and seeing them. I love all the ornaments I have collected over the years. Many are hand made by friends as well.  Its neat to remember each ornaments story.

Every year my friend Judy and I get together and make the Snowmen  "candybars" for our friends and coworkers.  Its a whole afternoon of fun, watching Christmas movies and eating!

But its been a quiet weekend.  I have been watching some holiday shows.  The sad news has been heart breaking and I cant stand to watch the TV coverage or be on Facebook. I get angry at some of the posts.  The election process was bad enough.  I honestly think it is time to just turn it all off for now, sit quietly and keep these families in my thoughts and prayers.   This is my favorite ornament of all.  My pink Angel.  We got this when I was about 6 years old back in the 60's. The same age as most of the little Angels that were lost.  I hope these families find some Peace in the coming year.

Friday, November 23, 2012

April and Mikes Wedding

I just got home from my daughters wedding.  What a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend.  Aprils new husband Mike made the Thanksgiving dinner and this guy is no slouch in the kitchen. (Way to go April :) )  The wedding was today and it was just beautiful.  The weather was perfect and the location was so pretty, you didnt even feel like you were in the desert!   (( Warning, lots of pictures ))

Their wedding was held at the Wright House in Mesa and the grounds are just beautiful.

Its a victorian house and the room for the Bride to get ready in was pretty.
This is all of my kids.  I love this picture.  My two daughters and son n laws and the three grandkids.  I thought this was such a cute photo of Mike fixing Mikeys shirt for the pictures.

A few pictures of the day.... April with her Dad and Mike with his Mom, my beautiful Mya and April and her little man.

AND last but not least, the cake table and reception. April made the banner that says YOU and ME on the picket fence. My sister painted the tree for the guest book.  The guests put their thumb prints on it and signed them.  I thought it was cute and VERY April :)

Thanks for sharing my familys big day!      

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aprils Wedding Flowers

My daughter April is getting married this friday the day after Thanksgiving. She is marrying Mike, and he is a wonderful guy and I believe he has the patience of a Saint. Its always nice to have a new family member in time for the Holidays :)

April asked me to make her flowers.  I have made many of the fabric flowers in various styles, but have used them more as embellishments.  I am not a floral designer at all, BUT I took the project on.  We were looking online and saw some pretty things, but they were about $250.00 for the bridal bouquet. I was being rather full of myself and saying that I may be in the wrong business.  Well, let me tell you,  they earn that money!  This was very labor intensive, it took hours.  And not only that, I do not have the temperment to work with Brides, so I will be keeping my day job after all :) .  I know its your very special day, you are spending ALOT of money and deserve everything to be just as you have imagined it since you were a little girl.  It takes a very special person to work on the other end of that scenario though, and I am not it! lol  In the end though, I am happy with them, and more important April is happy with them.

She is going with more of a nature theme, birds, birdhouses, twigs and the such.  Instead of a traditional ring bearer pillow she is using a birdnest.  :)  They will have the traditional Unity candle and will be lighting one for my grandson Mikey too.  I love this idea.  (By the way, we seem to have an over abundance of Michaels in our family and it keeps things interesting and funny)  So, here is a sneak peak at what I have been up to this last week. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, I am wishing ya all good health, happiness and peace in your Home.