Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day ~~ show and tell holiday edition

I hope everyone has Labor Day off and will enjoy a nice relaxing, peaceful and creative day. I have off too. I dont get alot of the holidays off, we save them for Christmas and get two weeks off paid. So that works great for us. We like that arrangement in my office. Its a small place and there is only 4 of us.

I have been hard at work and have completed quite a few pieces but I am saving them for the most part for the Make Mine Pink Retreat business compition I am entering. But I will share one bracelet I made. This flower and two cala lilys are frosted glass and so pretty. I love the button for the closure. Next is something very special that I thought was lost. This is a box of old quilt patterns my Grandmother cut out of the Kansas City Star Newspaper and they are dated from 1936 to 1951. The paper is in incredibly good condition. The old box she had them stored in says 5th Avenue and a jewelry store name. Makes me wonder??? I thought I lost these when my apartment burned down a few years back. I lost most everything but every once in a while something surfaces and I was thrilled to have these back. The next thing I found in the same box is the collection of sea shells. I have gotten these on trips to my favorite place of all : Morro Bay California. There is a store on the embarcadaro called The Shell Shop, appropriate enough. I have made mermaid dolls and teddy bears in the past and I have bought these very specialy picked out shells to use for mermaids. I am very excited to make some more now that these really pretty shells have been found again. (one of my mermaid teddys is on the right side bar if you scroll down a little.) So look for some fancy sea gals and bears later this year,,,after the retreat. lol If you ever get the chance to go to Morro Bay, I would highly recommend this trip. Its a small fishing village and for the most part hasnt changed too much since I was a child. Just up the coast is the Hearst Castle, the beautiful drive up HWY 1 , Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey. You can have Southern California, this is beautiful country. Well, have a wonderful day, until next time........................

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few of my favorite things ~ Pink Friday

Hi everyone, I hope ya all are doing great this week. I have been getting some much needed rest and actually back in the studio designing. Of course the fur kids are really trying so hard to help. (NOT) Its nice to settle back into life. And life is great when Make Mine Pink has Pink Fridays. If your not familiar, each friday is a different themed day at the members online stores. Its one stop shopping that is easy and lots of fun. When you go to you will have a direct link to each participating boutique. This weeks them is "A few of my favorite things." So there will be alot of variety. Dont miss out, its one day only. Until next time..... gail

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hi, Show and Tell,,, I have alot to show~~lol

Hi everyone,,, ok I am over the top excited to be done with all of my moving. Every last thing is unpacked, put away and hung up. Now I can finally get busy on my website again. I am really looking forward to that. Please be patient with me,, I have alot of pictures of my new place. I will be by to visit you all during the day. I cant wait to see what you have been up to.

OK, first is Monkey Man playing like ET. Then a corner of my living room. Next is my office/studio. There is a chest that I wanted to put in the closet and it didnt fit so I bought a Shabby Chic shower curtain at Target and made a cover for it and the window valance. This is my work table, and my vision board. Next my favorite things I own,, my books, the dining room and cupcakes from the kitchen. Then a couple photos of my bedroom. Thanks for indulging me. I will talk with you all later.........until then,,,,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finally I have a show and tell monday!

As I have mentioned, I have been moving and its been a really long and drawn out move. I think its just that I am not as young as I used to be. LOL One time I moved, had two small kids, completely unpacked, hung pictures on the wall AND hung wall paper all on the day I moved in. I have no idea how I ever did that! I feel like this is never going to get done. My boyfriend Jeff has been so much help though. Thanks honey.

So I have a couple pictures to post of the new place. My bedroom and my studio are not anywhere near done, but these rooms are. Its my living room and dining room, and the wall across the whole living room and dining room is all window, and I have a great view.Very private and green with trees. Ya dont get that too much in AZ. lol

I hope to have more jewelry to post next week and add to my website. I am looking so forward to creating and getting down to business again. I have missed it so much. I am looking forward to visiting all of your blogs during the day!!!! Until next time....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving Day and Join me at the Make Mine Pink Retreat

Hi everyone, its been crazy as heck around here. And to top it off i got food poisoning this week. I am finally back with the living again. Tomorrow I get the keys to my new place. Its very bittersweet. I am looking so forward to getting this move over and getting my new studio set up so I can get to work on all of my new ideas! BUT its like 110 degress and high humidity, so I just dreat it too. So I am not too sure how long before the cable company will have me up and running. I dont know if the bedroom that will be my studio is wired for internet yet, so I may be away for a few days. But come back and check. I plan on having a blog give away to celebrate!!!

I also want you all to know about the Make Mine Pink Retreat that is being held in Colonial Williamsburg VA on Sept 19, 20. If you own your own business online or brick or mortar or are thinking of starting a business this will be a great oppurtunity! Its in a beautiful setting. The speakers are fabulous and the food is to die for!! We are going to have lots of fun and contest with fabulous prizes too. This is just a perfect event to jump start your business. For all of the information go to and in the top right corner of the page is a tab labled MMP Retreat. Check it out.