Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Christmas Fun:)

Boy,,, its been very busy around here.  Just trying to finish up some gifts, the end of the season shows and making sure my website and the shop I am in are stocked.  I am really looking forward to the New Year. I gave myself this year to have my surgery and make a full recovery from that.  I am so glad to be on this side of that! I am doing very well now. Its taken alot of patience, way more than I normally have, but its been a humbling and learning experience.  But I am ready to take on all of my new projects and ideas and get this New Year rolling:)   I will start teaching sewing classes for adults, teens and kids in January.  I am really looking forward to that and as I build on that I would like to branch out to other class venues.

But for today, we had our annuel contest at Target to dress one of the little dogs. All of the head quarter employees vote on them.  When the voting is done, they will be going to the Childrens Hospital. So no one looses! Its always fun and I love thinking of new ideas for outfits. 

I also got an awesome suprise in the mail from my sweet friend Shell from the Raspberry Rabbits.  She knows me well. I am a goofy girl who loves squirrels!  I know its because I live in AZ and we dont have any here to put up with, but I think they are adorable and so fun to watch.  This little guys is needle felted and even has an acorn in his paws.  He is going to sit on my desk all year round!

And last but not least,, a new photo of my new Grand Pug, Bently.  I think he is about 5 months old now.  He is a tiny guy, and appears wont be too big. Just adorable and the sweetest disposition. Very smart too.  Well, have a great day. I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and all of the holiday celebrations. I am getting there!