Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Great Gift Ideas

Today was our monthly open house at Tillies Attic. As some of you may know this is a local store in Mesa Arizona. These get togethers are always so much fun. We get to meet all of the vendors and visit. There is always lots of good food, drinks and chocolate! I like to post every now and then new photos of whats going on in the store. There are always new vendors and the store is looking so pretty and getting ready for the holiday season that is fast approaching. Here is a sample of whats new. Geri is a very talented fuse glass artist and has alot of new items available. If you are a Longaberger collector there is a brand new room with a great selection of very pretty baskets and their full line of products. Of course you will find lots of great vintage items as well. If your looking for some great and unique gifts at very good prices, keep us in mind at Tillies Attic. They are opened Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 to 5:00 pm. Located on the SE corner of Guadalupe and Dobson. (1941 W Guadalupe #111 Mesa, AZ 85202)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cupcakes and Polkadots

This Friday our Make Mine Pink Friday theme is "Cupcakes and Polkadots". This for sure will be one of my favorites! I cant resist polkadots. Who doesnt like a cupcake, even if its not edible? By visiting each of the participating shops I am sure you will find all sort of adorable and whimsical new things for your home or a special gift for someone. I cant wait to see the cupcake pillows, art, ceramics and jewelry. The fun starts tomorrow, and remember its one day only. You can find us at

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Art of the Handbag

Girls Night Out
Crystal Ballroom

Ladies Choice

I will admit to owning ALOT of purses. Its so bad that my friends refuse to help me move them all anymore. I am not really a designer handbag kind of girl. The more girly girl they are the better too. I love finding great deals on bags too. I love all colors and styles for that matter. However there are to designer bags I adore. That would be anything Brighton. I do own two of them, cute as can be. BUT.... Mary Frances has taken making bags to an art form and they are gorgeous. I was very lucky to get one as a gift two Christmas' ago. (Its the last photograph). I know they arent everyone cup of tea, but for me, they are like little three dimensional Monets or Picassos :) The photographs here are from her website.

There is no update on the studio this week... I cant believe this, but I have changed my mind on the whole color scheme. I just cant help it. I have to go with the pinks and creams. Out with the reds. I had no inspiration and was just "stuck". As fate would have it I came down with the flu. Like the stay in bed for three days and want to die kind of flu. Somewhere in the dreams of all that sleep or fever induced inspiration I came up with the perfect ideas. I have to say that is REALLY looking at the silver lining of being so sick. But I will start again this week toward my goal. It may be a bad time of year to start all of this. Afterall the holidays are coming and I should be creating lots of new things for my shop. But I just feel like I need to get my studio, my apt and my life just the way I want it,,, then start fresh and new on my business and all of my new ideas. I cant wait to share some photos soon. Have a great week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I would like you to meet Danita

I am still in the middle of a rather large mess moving my studio. Creative time has been nothing. I love to blog, so during my remodeling I am having so much fun discovering new artist. When you start searching the blogs time has a way of disappearing! Before you know its been a couple hours. I know you all know what I am talking about. For me after visiting so many inspirational blogs I just want to start creating myself.

I purchased a new book yesterday. "Book of Inspiration" by Jo Packham and Jenny Doh. Its like a hardback verstion of my favorite "Where Women Create". One of the first artist featured was Danita. "Danita is a mixed media artist whose colorful art dolls, paintings, and jewelry are capturing the imagination of fans across the globe." Nature, Frida Kahlo, Hot Baths, Childrens Books, Paper Dolls and Paintings from the Master are what inspire here. I loved her favorite quote, "Art is the only way to run away without leaving Twyla Thorp" I have been struggling with the idea I am working in too many mediums. I was inspired to see that Danita paints, makes dolls, jewelry, etc. But they all have a very distinct style that ties it all together and defnes her art. Its given me alot to think about.
I hope you enjoy her art as much as I have. You can visit her blog at and her ETSY site is