Monday, June 20, 2011

Earrings For Summer

Once again I would like to thank everyone so much for the well wishes on my recovery. Its going well. A little slow for my liking, but better each day. I can actually take a couple laps around my kitchen with just my cane. I am hoping the walker will be a thing of the past soon. :) I still have swelling in my operated leg so I have to spend some of my day laying down and elevating my foot above my heart.  I am really looking forward to being able to walk again!! Its so exciting.

Well, I managed to make three pairs of earrings.  Thanks to my sister dragging all of my supplies out and putting them back when I was done. I made this pink rose before my surgery. I love how these roses turn out and think they would be so cute as pins, on headbands or even attached to pillows or purses.  I am also looking forward to the day I can get back to creating. I am sketching lots of new ideas down.  I hope you all have a great week.....and Happy Creating! (()) gail   

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My New Best Friend

Hello everyone and thank you so much for all the well wishes and prayers for my surgery. :)  It was a rocky start with the anesthia but the surgery for a total hip replacement was done. I am sure it will be a great success. (Eventually) I honestly went into this only wanting to know the basics. I didnt want to know too much, and I am glad I didnt know then what I do know now. I honestly may not have been brave enough to put myself through this.  Its amazing what your body has to do to recover from an invasive major surgery.  The healing process is truly a miracle, but you sort of feel like on of those super hero cartoon characters going through their change. All of the contorting and and pain to get from ordinary human to super hero status.  The side effects from the pain pills have been horrible, so I am doing my best on Extra Strength tylenol. It does pretty good except on Physical Therapy days. I have to give myself blood thinner shots in my stomach twice a day and now they are bleeding.  My operated leg was way too swollen so that caused another three day stay in the hospital. My incision is at least 12 inches long. That is alot of muscle and tissue to cut through.  I guess I am feeling pretty beat up and exhausted. But I feel I am turning that corner now.
Im ready to face PT and get this leg working. I want to be good as new. I am ready to get on with my life.  I am not even sure what I want anymore. I just want to be healthy, have energy and lots of fun.  The really good news is that the implant itself feels great and has never really been much pain. Obviously the large incision has, but you would think where your old bones had been pretty much sawed out and new hardware place inside that would smart more than it has.
I credit this to the skill of my wonderful surgeon! If you ever need a great Ortho Surgeon I can not recommend Dr Dungy enough. He is amazing. He had his work cut out with me. My socket was very deformed and he met the challenge! He is truly my hero.  His assistant Tina and office staff are unbelievable and I consider myself truly blessed they came into my life. Soooo, for now my new lovely walker is my new best friend. My daughter April fixed it all up to make her cute! LOL  It gets a laugh from everyone, so its nice to get a smile instead of someone feeling sorry for me!  These pretty pink flowers were sent from my job Target. They are so pretty, I am looking at them right now. Well, I need to stop procrastinating and get to those exercises I need to do. Thanks again, (()) gail