Sunday, October 26, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Hi,,, I have been busy getting ready for the Make Mine PInk Shop Hop...You dont want to miss this event. For those of you not familar with how it works: Go to and check out the shop hop. It begins next Sunday the 2nd of November and you simply visit each of the participating boutiques and websites. There will be the shop hop Christmas tree hidden somewhere at each site. When you find the tree labled "you found it". Just click on that tree and it will register your find. There will be alot of prizes and will be soooo much fun. Not to mention there will be alot of new merchandise and with awesome promotions and sales.

This is a few things I have been working on to add to my website later this week. This is a couple holiday bracelets and earrings. I also have come up with a card to send out my earrings. There will be alot of new items added to my site this week. I will be offering gift wrap with purchaes on my site during the shop hop. Also come back later this week. I will be having a blog contest! So, I hope you all have a great week ahead... until next time................gail

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its Coming up Roses for PInk Friday

This Friday is one of our favorites at Make Mine Pink. The theme this week is "Coming up Roses" There will be so many beautiful items with this rosey theme. I am sure there will be jewelry, antiqued linens, beautiful pillows, journals and fabulous paper items. Many hand made and vintage finds. This will be a special day for tomorrow only,,, you dont want to miss this one. When you go to this will take you to all of the participating boutiques for this event. Have some tea in your favorite rose teacup and enjoy the best online shopping experience. Many offer great discounts for this event, so check out individual shops for the deals.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Auntie Good Friend Witch

This is my Halloween story. Its about my favorite Aunt. Auntie Good Friend Witch. She live beyond the cemetery in her little house on the hill.

She stays near her dearly departed Warlock, my uncle Charlie Friend.

He has moved on to the other witches world, but they are able to stay close with her crystal ball.

Auntie Good Friend is a master potion maker. She can fix you up with a love spell or help with good luck charms.
She loves to stay up to date in the latest mystical fashion and wears only the finest fashion accessories.
She appears to be out trick or treating and visiting the other blog parties hosted by Vanessa. To join in all of the fun, grab a broom and fly on over to for a boo-tiful time!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Show And Tell Monday

Hi, I hope everyone had a gorgeous fall weekend! It was just perfect here. Its just the best time of year:) My birthday was on tuesday the 7th, but its turned out to be birthday week. I have been taken out to dinner every night, taken to the movie and received some beautiful gifts. So it was a great week. But this weekend I managed to get a few things done, so I will post a couple of things I have been up to.

Friday night I went to this Italian restuarant and we were a little early before it opened so we walked over to this great discount and overstock store Big Lots, if you have them in your area you know how fun they can be. I found these two books. One is about vintage fabrics and decorating or craft projects to do with these fabrics. The second is a book filled with all kinds of vintage jewelry from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. Just tons of inspiration in both of these books and they were each 5.00. Next I made another pair of dragon fly earrings with swarovski crystals. I need to get these posted on my website today. And last is a bracelet I made for myself. I had one handmade pink glass flower left in my stash, and I love these so much I wanted to make sure I have one. I also found this sterling silver disc with the word "friend" on it. Since its my last name I have had it sitting around waiting for a time to use it. I was out today and got some adorable Christmas beads, so look for some cute holiday stuff next week. Have a beautiful week and happy creating..........gail

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mary Poppins and the Weather

First let me say, I am not a weather expert. BUT I notice alot of things that happen in nature, like clockwork every year. I would even go as far as to say I am at least as accurate as the guy on TV getting paid to do weather. LOL For example I get migraines with certain types of rain storms. Its accurate enough that people who want to wash there cars now call me to see if I have a headache. Every year in October we have one day in particular, and for lack of a better name I have always called it the Mary Poppins Day. Remember in the movie when the Admiral was on the roof top and the wind pick up and the weather vane went whirling around, bringing about a change. And at the end when that weather vane went whirling the other way. It was time to go fly a kite and change was in the air again. Alas Mary Poppins had to leave. Mary had been there for the season and helped make everything right. Well, back to my one special October day each year. AND today is the day. Its super windy and its comes from the other direction, no clouds, just really windy. The weather is much cooler, for us in the desert anyway. Just a blustery day as Pooh would say. Well, what this means is, its officially now fall. Good bye to the summer season. It wont be over 100 anymore. Just in case you were wanting some high tech info Mr. Weatherman? LOL We dont have the obvious change of seasons you see in most other places, so you have to look very careful for subtle signs. This is my story and I am sticking to it..... LOL

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Show and Tell Monday ~~~ Pink October

I love October. Its my favorite time of year. I like Halloween almost as much as Christmas. Its the official start of the holiday season in my mind. Nearly all of my friends and family have the birthdays this month too. Libras are wonderful people:)

Right now going on over at Make Mine Pink we are having our annuel Pink October shop-hop.Its our way of supporting breast cancer awareness. You dont want to miss out on this contest. When you go to you can see a list of the participating boutiques. When you visit each website, somewhere there is a hidden pink ribbon that says "you found it". Click on that ribbon and it will register you to be in drawings for great prizes. The more you find the better the prizes. So check it out, and help support a great cause.

I had a really quiet weekend, (yay). I stayed home and caught up on some paper work and computer work. I was in an earring sort of mood, I made several pairs. My favorite are these cute pumpkins. These were just normal beads, but they look just like pumpkins to me. How fun. Then I made this bracelet. I called it Tide Pool. Thats what it reminds me of. I would love a visit to the beach about now. If you check the post below I posted some pictures of the lake thats part of the community I live in. It was a gorgeous day. Until next time.............gail

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday in the Park

I have just recently moved and its in an area I have wanted to live in since I was a kid. It was a community that was built in the 70's complete with man made lakes. This is an awesome thing since I live in the desert. It makes you feel like you are somewhere else for awhile. While there are some beautiful large homes I live in the apts in the community. But thats OK. I love my small place. Just to actually live here makes me quite happy. These are pictures I took at the end of my little street. I am practicing and working with my camera trying to learn all of the features so I took it for a little walk this morning: since its only 80 degrees and not over 100. lol Its time to celebrate a beautiful Saturday morning.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pink friday and the home office.

Its pink friday tomorrow at Make Mine Pink. Our theme this week is Home Office Chic. So many of us are working from home, or have your studio or work room. I love having pretty things around and being organized. I love going into my workspace. I spend the most time in my studio. All of the participating boutiques this week will be offering awesome items to make your office and work space more inviting. But hurry, its one day only,and thats tomorrow the 3rd of October. All the inspiration you need is this lovely office in the picture. Its the Make Mine Pink offices and its a dream!!! So visit

Also, starting Monday at Make Mine Pink is the annual Pink October event. Its a shop hop and there is great prizes involved. It will run from Oct 6-12th. When you go to make mine pink. com and click on the pink breast cancer ribbon you will see all of the rules and participating boutiques. But basically you will want to visit all of these websites and boutiques and find the hidden pink ribbon that say "you found it" When you click on that it registers your find. There are prizes and drawings for the most found. It will give also give you a chance to visit some awesone websites. Good luck and happy hunting. Until next time..........gail