Tuesday, February 24, 2009

STUDIOS ~ a place to create

I am really excited! I am being featured in the upcoming magazine by Cloth, Paper and Scissors called STUDIOS ,, its release date is March 31. It features the studios and workrooms of artist and creators in all types of fields. Its loaded with inspiration and ideas for your own studio! Be sure to check it out when it arrives on the newstands.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Whew I made it, I am running late ! I have been pretty much out of commission the last 3 weeks on an overnight petsitting assignment at my bosses house. It was supposed to be a few days. I didnt get much done, just lots of running around. But I was finally home this weekend and I managed to get two things finished today. Yay!!! I hope to have a very productive week. The first thing I got finished is a chocolate dipped strawberry pillow for my Sweet Dreams Bakery line. Then I made one of my rose bracelets. My friend Cindy from Angel Heart Designs makes these handbuilt ceramic roses for me and they are beautiful. She is sending me lots of new colors. She has also made me some starfish and hearts. And we are working on some cupcake charms as well. I cant wait to see the finished product. I will make this short but I will be back later with lots more:) Until next time,,Gail

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The French Farm House for Pink Friday

Hi:) This friday for Make Mine Pinks themed shopping day, its the French Farm House. This is a lovely style of decorating. Its a style that is so comfortable and peaceful. So inspired by nature. Fresh flowers fill every room. The smell of french lavender and beautiful colors and rich wood furniture. Make sure to visit the participating shops of Make Mine Pink for one day of French inspired shopping to fill your French Farmhouse style home. One day only, tomorrow, February 20th. Just go to www.makeminepink.com/pink-friday to visit each boutique.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lollishops ~ All Dolled up Grandopening Blog Party

I hope by now you have all heard of the new online shopping site called Lollishops. We are having a blog party, here on Valentines Day. Its a Grand Opening celebration. Guests: You're invited to our Progressive Blog Party! Visit Chelsea Ann's Blog http://www.ittybittybirdy.blogspot.com/ on February 14th and visit all the participating blogs for your chance to win some fabulous Door Prizes!Each Blog Party will have an item from their LolliShop hidden in their Party Photos. You will find each vendor's item and comment "I found it" to win! If your comment is chosen, you will be asked to name the item you found to win your Door Prize.Don't forget to visit the Official http://www.lollishops.blogspot.com/ for your chance to win a ginormous Gift basket filled with all sorts of fabulous creations! Feel free to stop by my shop at www.lollishops.com/gail-friend-designs and see if you can find my hidden piece. ((())) gail

My Teddy Bears were very excited to get "all dolled up" for such a fun party. They are wearing there finest. What would a party be without fun and pretty treats! I hope you enjoyed your visit. Make sure to visit all of the other parties and join the fun. ((()))gail

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shades of Roses ~ for Pink Friday

As many of you know every friday at www.makeminepink.com/pink-friday we have a wonderful one day only themed shopping event. Each week will change. The participating shop owners always come up with new and beautiful products for these special fridays. This weeks theme is Shades of Roses. Rose themes are our favorites. You wont want to miss this one. Please make sure to visit all of us at Make Mine Pink tomorrow.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Show and Tell Monday~Rescue Me Pets

Today I thought I would feature a new blog that I think is a wonderful service. Its at http://www.rescuemepets.blogspot.com/ . A friend of mine started this new blog in hopes that it will get the message out about shelters and rescues that are in need of publicity. One would have to be an ant under a rock not to know of all the unpleasant economic news. It starts at the top and just keeps trickling down. All the way to loving little dogs and cats. These are some of the economic victims you probably dont think of right away. But with so many people loosing their jobs and homes the animal shelters are filling up at an alarming rate. I know for myself I am facing unemployment very soon. Alot of my friends have stepped up to say not to worry if I need a place, I am always welcome, BUT you cant bring your cats. I love my well meaning friends. But I say this just to illustrate the problem. People are being made to make huge life changing choices, and sometimes they just arent able to take care of their pets too. So if you know of any such organization I am sure Suzanne would love to hear from you. She is doing a wonderful thing! I wish her much success.

I like to keep my blog a positive and creative place. But I also believe it has come a time in America for us to serve. Anyway we can. Its going to take all of us to put it back together again. Thanks for listening..... hugs, gail

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I would like you to meet Kathi :)

You meet the nicest people out here in blog land. I was blog hopping a found a great jewelry artist named Kathi. She was having a blog contest for one of her beautiful rings so I left a comment. Much to my happy suprise I WON!!! She sent my pretty pink flower ring and I love it! The presentation was beautiful as well. It came in the most adorable little purse bag and a sample of a wonderful smelling soap. The packaging itself was a gift. You can visit kathi at http://www.caretobead.blogspot.com/ . You can also check out her new Lollishop at www.lollishops.com/vintage-inspired-jewelry .