Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This and That

Its been crazy busy around here.  I am working long hours. But its awesome, because I really like my job.  We had a wine mixer networking event at work and I made a couple of things from my Pinterest collections:)  I made kabobs with angel food cake and strawberries and drizzled them with chocolate.  Then I took raspberrys and put a chocolate chip in them. So cute.  Its a wealth of great ideas on Pinterest.

If you are looking for something fun and easy to do while hanging out and watching TV, this is a fun idea.  Find a fabric with a graphic you like, preferable a larger pattern.  Put batting and a layer of muslin behind it and put it in a quilting hoop.  Hand quilt around the designs and then you can embellish with sequins and beads.  They make pretty pillows.

We started a weight loss challenge at my office. I was given a pedometer from my friend Ronda. I am super excited.  I walk a lot in my office each day and it was over 6000 steps and I came home and went for my walk.  I walked over 10, 000 steps today!!  On the 31 of this month, it will be one year since my hip replacement surgery. I cant believe its been a year, but also one year ago today it was a dream that I would ever have been able to walk 10,000 steps.  I am doing well with the challenge and cant wait to shed some pounds!!  Stay tuned for my progress:) Have a great week.    

Sunday, May 6, 2012

This is SERIOUS Fun

I have been addicted to Pinterest for some time now.  There I said it!!! :)  And I dont care!  Its eye candy to sooth the sole. But this weekend I started playing around with Polyvore.com . You can create endless outfits with all of the dreamy accessories you could every want!  I just start creating a look, and when its all done I see the page with the links to purchase these treasures, and I have learned I have some very expensive taste!!!  This gorgeous frilly, ruffly summer dress you see is an Alexander Mcqueen dream that is just over $9,000.00.  The gorgeous pink drop earrings in the set with with dress trousers and the sweet pink blouse are from Tiffanys and $950.00. !!! :)  The only down side, is when you get up from the computer to head out for the grocery store, I find I look like a schlump.  Something to aspire to,,, A well dress woman.
Hopefully this next week I will have something a little more exciting to write about, its been crazy, but good, busy this last week.