Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty Pillow and Purses for Pink Friday

Pretty Pillows and Pursesat Make Mine Pink - Pink Friday.

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday July 31, 2009 as we present "Pretty Pillows and Purses"If there's anything a girl can't have enough of it's pretty purses by day and pillows at night.A woman's purse can reveal a lot about her personality. If you're fun and flirty, you might carry a giraffe handbag or a pearl patent purse with pink polka dots. For the more reserved - a collector of all things pretty and vintage - perhaps a romantic summertime bag with roses and bachelor buttons. You can even show your "green" side with a straw handbag decorated with rescued jewelry, belts, buckles and various embellishments.You can celebrate the many sides of your "purse"-onality with a purse that allows you to change covers and quickly as you change your mood. Or announce your uniqueness with a one of a kind "little black bag" - a vintage beaded black handbag.Pillows can change their personalities too, as easily as changing a pillowcase. For sweet dreams, there are sweet heart hand-embroidered pillowcases. Feel nostalgic with vintage cutwork pillowcases. Or create a fun look by layering a bed with lots of pillows covered in different Southern Bell pillowcases.Pillows make a statement all their own. Rescued vintage needle point pillows grace the finest parlors and boudoir chairs. They can be reminiscent of a special event or a special someone, like a floral monogram pillow with the initial of someone you love. A wedding keepsake pillow made with an antique style certificate or your favorite wedding photograph. Beautiful pillows made from antique doilies and vintage dresser scarves.Some pillows are fun and used to make a space colorful and whimsical,like a chocolate dipped strawberry pillow, a blue cupcakes pillow, or a handmade slice of cake pillow with satin pink roses and pink lace trim. A whimsical teapot pillow with Battenburg lace to set on the guest bed or porch swing. You can even grow a garden of pillows with mauve ribbon flower hearts, heart pillows with roses and pink ribbed chenille, and a pink roses throw pillow.No matter what your style or what mood you're in, you can surround yourself with pretty purses and pillows designed to express exactly what you're feeling.
So please join us tomorrow for this fun event. .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Show and Tell Monday~I am glad to be back

Hi! I thought I would post two new necklaces I made recently. I will be posting them on my website very soon. I love working with these ceramic roses so much. I think the white one would be so pretty for a wedding.

I have been away for a bit due to a family emergency. Many of you know of my daughter April. She is 28 and has a sweet 3 year old Mikey. She has had some serious health problems that seem to defy diagnosis. Its very stressful. Last thursday at her job she had a seizure and to make a long story short that day ended up in two ambulance rides, 10 seizures and a two day stay in ICU. She has been release and is home and will go back to work tomorrow. However other than changing her medication we really didnt learn anything. Time will tell. The prayers and support of my dear friends has meant more than I can ever express. I cant thank you enough for your orders. I have been working on packaging them up with love and care and will get them out very soon.

The next day on friday I was home that evening with Mikey. I had taken my mirgrain medicine and was very tired. I was carrying a big box of cat litter into the bathroom, and I dont know what happened buy I tripped and fell. I hit my head really hard on the back of the toilet tank. My face has been a mess, I have the biggest black eye. Sore everywhere and I think I have whiplash. Aaagghh! Even a week later, it just gets worse looking. Now the fun begins driving Miss April. She isnt thrilled, but cant drive for now. So, I am now adding taxi to my list of professions. lol I am hoping to settle into a routine this week, and get back down to business. So, wish me luck and hopefully soon I will have alot of new things on my website. Have a pretty week..... gail

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Sweet for Show and Tell Monday

I have been working on new designs for my website. This cupcake is one of the new pieces. For the bottom I machine quilted the polk a dot fabric and added matching polka dot trim. I hand sewed the pink satin roses to look like buttercreme flowers. This was alot more labor intesive than I thought it would be. (It always is :) ) So I have some thinking to do, but overall I am happy with it.

I would love to introduce you to my new friend Rose. She owns a beautiful shop in Bothell Washington called Sweet Hummingbird Lane. She carries the most awesome collectables such as Bunnies By the Bay, Susan Branch and Wee Forest Folk. She is an avid collector of the Wee Forest Folk and is very knowledgable and able to help her customers who are also collectors. These sweet mice are meticulously hand sculpted by the Peterson Family in Massachusetts. Rose also has a website and its so pretty. Have a look and be sure to see the mice! Just too cute for words. . Have a great week and I hope you are enjoying your summer. Gail

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Show and Tell Monday :)

Hi, I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th holiday. I have to say mine was pretty uneventful. I came home from work thursday with a sore throat and I have been pretty sick all weekend. I had so many plans to get lots of new things made. But I did make two bracelets thrusday and I posted my two new fairy cakes to my site and finished an order. So I have to just let it go and be happy with that. So I have a little show and tell for you today. As I mentioned I made these two bracelets for pink friday. I love using Cindys ceramic roses and the other bracelet is made from a navy moonstone. It really sparkles in the light. The moon also sparkles alot. This is the 2nd one that I have made. My friend Marie of has the first one. She makes the best soaps and bath products ever. If you get a chance have a look! This wedding cake pillow is an order that my BF Jeff's Mother ordered as a gift. I hope she likes it. I like how it turned out in the yellow. Well, I sure hope to have more to show next week. I hope everyone has a pretty week! Until next time...... gail

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pink Friday with a 4th of July Twist

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday July 3, 2009 as we present "SHADES of RED –WHITE and BLUE!"
Shades of red, white or blue remind me of 4th of July parties and fireworks and special times with family and friends. Vintage aprons, adorned with red roses against what was once a vivid blue, now slightly worn with time. Blue and white checked linens - once grandmother's finest, still carrying traces of the 4th of July picnics I had as a child. Pale blue Depression glass against the finest white tablecloth, topped with a white milk glass vase and filled with the summer flowers. On the wall, a white French farmhouse shelf displays white china hand painted with red and blue buds Adding a little color to your table, shades of red, white and blue can turn any meal into a celebration. Blue and white Italian place settings against a red tablecloth.
An angel food cake atop a favorite white cake stand, topped with fresh summer blueberries and strawberries. Red sugar-coated candies in a white candy dish hand painted with blue forget-me-nots. Hanging nearby, white and blue checked kitchen towels decorated with shiny red apples Placed somewhere you didn't expect, red, white and blue can create a burst of color in any corner. Red roses on canvas and hung on a freshly painted blue wall. A piece of broken china jewelry - tiny blue and red roses against pure white china. A white lace sun catcher, with a red and blue design, hanging in the window. In the guest bathroom, a blue tissue box holder painted with white and red flowers. Tucked into a corner of your purse, a blue hanky trimmed with red and embroidered with white daisies. And dangling from your wrist, a bracelet made of cinnabar, turquoise beads and bone.
For a special touch of whimsy, plug in 4th of July light bulbs in red, white and blue. Use a white table runner with appliqu├ęd blue rabbits and red rose buds. Display faux strawberries dipped in white chocolate placed in a blue cake box that looks pretty enough to eat. You can wear a soldered charm of red breasted robins against an azure sky, sprinkled with white German glass glitter or write on the white pages of a notebook decorated with red roses and blue ribbons. With shades of red, white and blue surrounding us, celebrations of life can happen any day. .

Photo Contribution 1: The Sassy Beach Photo Contribution 2: Grandma G's Photo Contribution 3: Candy Lights