Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make Mine Pink Friday~ its Pink and Chic

As many of you know every friday at Make Mine Pink we have a themed shopping day. This is my theme this week Oct 2nd. Its all about pink, everything pink. You can follow this link starting friday and visit all of the different shops to see what they will be offering. This is a favorite of ours so it will be awsome to see what everyone has for this one day event. .

Sunday, September 27, 2009

As You Wish

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall. I must live through you if I may. It was supposed to be 108 today. I am staying inside, so that means alot of creating is getting done :) Last week a very good friend of mine took me to a shop called As You Wish. Its a pottery painting place and soooo much fun. You pick out a piece of greenware and you choose all of your own glazes and fun stuff to create a masterpiece of your own. I used to do porcelin dolls many years ago, but have not done much with ceramics. It was quite fun and relaxing. They had so many Halloween items. Soooo cute! But I went with a plain scalloped edged plate to try my hand at painting a cupcake and doodles. I can see a zillion mistakes, but I love it all the same. It was a very special night,,,, thank you Kathy.

I am doing an art show next weekend called the Briar Patch. It is held at several locations this time of year until Christmas. I hope to be doing quite of few of these shows. I am really excited and have been working like crazy. I am happy with the amount of inventory I have so far, but I will be doing more this week. Because I also have the Shop Hop for Pink October for Make Mine Pink. That begins Oct. 5th, so be sure to get signed up for all of the fun at . Also this friday the theme for Make Mine Pink Friday is Simply Pink. This is a match made in heaven for me. As you know alot of what I do is Pink :) So here is a photo of my cupcake plate and some jewelry I worked on this weekend. I listed 19 new things on my website last night. ( a little shameless self promotion here. ) And I created a design to send into a magazine for consideration for a submission. More on that later. So stay busy, enjoy a nice fall day for me~please :) Until next time...... gail

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Grand Canyon.....finally

I was born and raised in Arizona. In fact there are not alot of 50 year olds around who are natives. But I had NEVER been to the Grand Canyon. I dont even know why, but at last I finally went this last week for the day. I was suprised that it only took 3hours and 45 minutes to get there and that was with a couple little stops and going the speed limit! I went with my very good friend Johnsie, her sister Jennifer and her Dad and Aunt Toots. Aunt Toots was visiting from Philly. The weather was just beautiful, 75 degrees. They went hiking about 1/4 mile down the Bright Angel Trail. There was no way I would be able to do that with my hip, but I was content sitting in the gorgeous weather and clean air. While I was sitting there a tour of mules was coming back up from the bottom of the canyon. You can ride a mule down, I guess it takes about 5 to 6 hours. You camp overnight in cabins and have a great steak dinner then back up the next morning. I was talking with some of the folks arriving. They had the time of their life. They all seemed glad they did it, but probably wouldnt do it again. I guess its pretty intense. I also understand reservations have to be made very far in advance. None of my photos of the mules turned out. I found a squirrel (susan lol) but that photo didnt turn out either, darn. But here are a few. I was so happy they asked me along. :)

I also have had a really busy week creating for the upcoming fall season and an upcoming art show I will be doing locally called The Briar Patch. I will blog about that show when I do it. I think it will be a great experience. I met the woman who runs this show today. Her name is Jeanne and she is such a nice person and really works hard for her shows. So, its been a nice week. I made these 3 pin cushions from some baby shoes I got at an antique store. These boxes are what I am working on for the Make Mine Pink shop hop. Its part of my promotion. When a purchase is made from my "rose jewelry" catagory you will receive one of these pink gift boxes. And 20 percent of my sales will go to the Susan G Koman Foundation for breast cancer research. And last but not least I am working on some new pillows. These are presents you wont have to open! I here sooo many times the ladies here at MMP say when they received the package, "it was so pretty, I didnt want to open it" Everyone love a beautifully wrapped gift. This is just a sneak preview. I will be adding other colors and styles and they will be coming with a beautiful altered art tag that Carrie from Noelle Garrett Designs is making for me. Whew!!! This is a long one.... What have you been up to? Are you getting a head start on the holidays? Until next time...... gail

Monday, September 14, 2009

Show and Tell with Furry Friends Helping.

Its been a busy week and I am happy that I have gotten lots done. Thats always a good thing around this time of year. Its been a week now since I have been unemployed and I think I am better each day. At least I am moving on the the next phase, anger! lol Now I am just mad, not so much sad. But thats OK too, I am using that energy in a positive way. I have alot of projects in various stages and I will post them when they are finished, but I have a couple pillows to post today. The gold colored plaid is a vintage piece of fabric I picked up at a yard sale in Providence RI in June. I love the retro colors. The fabric is in excellent condition. The heart was just something new to try. And this is Googars. He is my main helper. He sticks to me like glue. Its funny because when I lived in my townhouse before he insisted on being a mostly outdoor cat. He was the neighborhood bully too. I would here cat fights and I always new it was him. There was flat roofs on the buildings and he was always running across everyones roof making noise. It was quite embarassing at times, so when I moved I would not let him out and I dont know if he is happy about it or if he figures if he annoys me enough I will throw him outside. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall. Not quite here yet, but I am anticipating its arrival! Have a happy, healthy and creative day... Until next time...... gail

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I know for sure.

Happy Labor Day. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend, blessed with beautiful weather and lots of good food at cook outs! I have never thought too much about Labor Day before until this year. I have worked since I was 15 years old and until now I have never lost a job. If I left, it was on my own terms. My job had been up in the air and back and forth for months so I really not shocked I got laid off, but what I am upset about is the CEO of the company that will be taking over came out to Phoenix a week ago and said there would not be any changes. There is only three people in our small business. I was feeling so much better, however my gut telling me "I dont know about this." So this is the first thing I know for sure, always listen to your gut instinct! Thursday the new owners called and said they arent keeping me. They hope its just temporary and they can bring me back soon. Guess what my gut tells me about that. LOL I wont be holding my breath. Its been a really tough and emotional weekend. I am trying to be a big girl about this, but I honestly just feel like being sad, mad and feel sorry for myself. Especially since I was screwed (can I say that word?) out of my vacation pay they owe me. I left with two days pay! But I am feeling a little better now. I live alone, but my family is freaking out about what is Mom going to do now. I am going to be working on my businesses Gail Friend Designs and Gails Furry Friends. I have to make it work. I dont want anyone else having control over my future every again. Soooo to my family, dont worry, I have no intention on moving in with you! lol AND this is what else I know for sure... I am too damn old to keep start over again! So this is the last time I will. I have been working to get to this place my whole life, its my time and I will succeed.
In the middle of my pity party I did make this bracelet and earrings today. :) Have a great week. Be thankful for your jobs as you celebrate Labor Day this year.

Friday, September 4, 2009

National Sewing Month :)

September is National Sewing Month. I have really been excited to see how much sewing has gained in popularity. Quilting just gets bigger and bigger. Its becoming such a major art form with so many techniques and styles. Shows like Project Runway has alot of young adults and teens very interested in sewing and design. I love the new website created by Joyce Lucas, . This site has the most adorable quilt shops, fabric shop and work from fiber artist.

Grab a cup of tea and have a look and be inspired by these textile artist and merchants. Until next time... gail