Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Headbands and flowers

I really like making all kinds of headbands. I usually make them for my grandaughter Mya. I have been experimenting with making these roses out of tulle, taffeta and other pretty fabrics. Its been working out pretty good. Sewing on the machine is a little hard since my surgery. I can make these by hand.  I actaully will be teaching these in a class at the new shop Green Table Gifts.  The class will also include a matching pin that can be used pinned to a sweater, blouse or even a purse.  I am coming up with other fun classes with projects that I hope everyone will enjoy making.  Classes will be starting at the end of August.  I should be up and running by then. LOL  You can always check out the shop and all the different classes being offered online at .  This pretty shop has been getting new things in and its really worth checking out :)

I have finally been able to start outpatient physical therapy.  Its painful, but in a good way. I can tell its going to be a great help. I am hoping to see alot more improvement in the next month.  Speaking of PT, I need to go and get ready for todays session. Wish me luck! Have a great day, stay cool.     

Friday, July 15, 2011

Green Table Gifts

There a new shop in town! And it is so cute. Its in Chandler, near the Chandler Mall. Its in one shops surrounding the mall near the PF Changs entrance. Last night was the grand opening event and so many people came.  There was some great food and each person who came in got to create a charm bracelet. Some of the artist who are in the shop made the charms and we helped the guests create a one of a kind bracelet just for them.  Its a great shop in a great location, so if you are in the local area stop by and say hello. I am looking for to being in this store and hope to eventually be teaching some classes.  You can visit their website to get more details about the artists and the directions. .  I thought I would share some photos of the event last night.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone For The 4th

Happy 4th of July. I hope ya all enjoyed a great bar b que and saw some fireworks. :)  Since I am in Arizona and its around 110 I am staying indoors.  We may go out for a drive later tonight and see if there are any fireworks in the sky. 
I have been working on a few new projects. Today I finished a chocolate chip ice cream pillow and a pink cupcake pillow.  I will be joining a new shop that will be opening on July 14th. Its called Green Table Gifts and its just adorable. I am really looking forward to being in this shop. You can visit their website.
 I have been doing pretty well on my recovery from surgery. Its a little slow going for my liking but hey, progress is progress. I have been trying to become more self sufficient.  Doing laundry, dishes and a little cooking :) I am excited  to be creating some again. It takes a lot longer, but every day is better.  I am set to return to work on July 25.  I have had a few side effects causing problems, but I sure hope to be going back on that date. I am ready to get on with my life.