Sunday, October 30, 2011

Show and Tell Monday

It is getting craft show season and I have been busy at work. My first show is friday night and I am doing it with my friend Phyllis.  I am working on all new products.  They are in a various state of completion. So I will have more to show during the week.  Not only are the craft shows gearing up, but the Stocking Stuffer Shop is due to open at Make Mine Pink in a couple of weeks.  So I am going to keep my nose to the sewing machine so I have lots of new things for this fall.

Today I finished a couple pumpkin and apple pot holders. I also wanted to share my new dress form I just got.  Its not vintage, but she will do. I got her at Home Goods for a very, very good price. Just could not leave her there.  She will be perfect for display for many of my new things. Jewelry, purses and shrugs.

I wish I have more hours in the day.  Besides having to work the day job, adding inventory to all of my shops, craft shows and my website, I am really trying to get some more classes  scheduled.  Thats going well, but boy I would love to have more time to really get that project going.  I hope you all have a great week and find time for creating! I will be back soon:)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding Party Hair Barrettes

I hope its a pretty fall day in your part of the world.  This time of year I get so inspired. The holidays are coming and everywhere you look you see wonderful holiday projects.  The holiday issues of the magazines are out and websites are getting decked out too.  I am officially addicted to too. :)  I have been getting so much done and new ideas are sketched out and waiting for the patterns to be finished so that I can start the sewing.  I am getting new ideas ready for classes as well. I hope to expand teaching classes to different venues around town. If anyone has any ideas for a class you would like to see offered, please let me know:).  My day job is just not working out and I plan on working very hard over the next couple months to change direction.

I have been doing some special orders for customers also. Thats been picking up too. Its all very exciting. My last project was these hair barrettes for an upcoming wedding for a co-worker.  Her wedding is going to be in a pretty shade of red with peacock accents. 

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving October

October is my favorite month. When you live in the southwest desert and its been months of triple digit weather any relief is awesome.  It still gets in the low 100's in the afternoons, but the mornings and evenings are so pretty.  Not to mention October is mega birthday month around here. Nearly all of my family and friends birthdays are in October so there is alot of celebrating going on.

I have been trying to transition my work life into a more creative job.  I made the decision to go part time at my job. I wasnt healing from my surgery as well as I should have been sitting for 8 hours straight everyday.  So I go in from 6 to 10 in the mornings. I will be teaching sewing classes at Joanns starting officially in January, but may do some classes in Dec.  Once I get things perfected I really hope to branch out and do more of that. It seems like alot of fun.  I really have alot of ideas I am working on.ting ready.  From here I hope to be able to get started on my own shop and event space next year.

So with my reduced hours I am making sure not to waste anytime and being as productive as possible.  I am trying to stock up the two stores I am in and re-do my website.  This is a few things I have been working on this past weekend.  For the holidays I made some double ruffled crepe paper streamers and its time to start making Christmas ornaments.  I am busy making the cupcakes and the ice cream cone ornaments.  The pink plate is what I painted when my friends took me to As You Wish pottery painting studio for my birthday. :)  That is always so much fun to do.  If you have a birthday in October to, Happy Birthday! Enjoy the fall weather where ever you are.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Join us for Pink October

PINK OCTOBER: Each year many of the boutiques at Make Mine Pink get together to give back to a charitable organization of their choice by holding a Pink October event. This year, because October is also "Domestic Violence Awareness Month," we've decided to hold a special "all pink boutique" contributing 10% of all sales to The Pink Slipper Project. We hope that you'll stop by and see some of the fabulous PINK merchandise we'll have for your enjoyment.
The Pink October Boutique will open at 12:00am October 7th and run through October 21st.

This is going to be such an awesome event and if you love pink like I do, this is THE place to be shopping. Every thing will be pink:)  Stop by and have a look.