Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thinking About Vacation :)

I have been really busy getting ready for my trip coming up. I am going on a mini-business-relaxation vacation. I will be attending the Make Mine Pink Retreat on Cape Cod. Joyce has rented a beach house and its gorgeous. I know she has so many fun, inspirational and informational things planned. There is a total of 9 of us going, and I know its going to be so much fun. I have never been to New England and this is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I think we will have some free time to explore and do some shopping. I know I plan on visiting Marion Pie Shop. Its came highly recomended from a very reliable source. lol

I have kind of slowed down on the business this week. I cant do everything and its high time I learned this. I have a pet sitting job that will take me about 4 hours per day and working full time too. So I am spending this weekend getting ready and everything sorted out. But as soon as I get back renewed, refreshed and ready to go, there will be alot of new things coming. This week I made this tote bag for my trip. I tested it out and used it today. Works good! :) I did make this cupcake wall banner that is part of a project that will be going to a magazine for consideration for a feature.

I will be around to visit you all! Have a very Happy and Blessed Memorial Day. Many thanks of gratitude for everyone serving our country and to those who have served to make America the country it is today :) Until next time............gail

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi,, its Show and Tell time :)

Hi, I hope everyone had a great spring weekend? Its been a pretty busy week around here. I did get a few things done and that is always good. I just got finished watching a show on CREATE. This is the most awesome channel I have on cable. They have lots of cooking, travel, entertainment, quilting and knitting, sewing and my favorite painting shows. I really like a series they have on now with a husband and wife team, Gary and Kathwren Jenkins. They teach oil painting, and it actually makes sense. When I get back from my retreat vacation to Cape Cod in a couple weeks, I am really going to give this a try. I love drawing and painting, but have not had any formal education. Garys instructions are very good.

I worked on some new jewelry. The lavender dragonfly is an order, but I will be putting the pink dragonfly on my website. The next necklace is ornate and victorian looking, but I really think I would like it with a T shirt and jeans. This little doll is for a project called Comfort Dolls. Women all over the country send in small little dolls with an inspirational message of hope and they go out to womens shelters all over the country. We have a batch of dolls from us at Make Mine Pink going to our favorite place, Enchanted Makeovers to go to a very special group of girls. If you get the chance check out their blog. . Next was an idea I had working with my cupcake idea again. So this has been my weekend,, what did you all do? (()) Gail

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Romantic Roses for Pink Friday

I hope everyone has had a great week. I have been so busy, but this is a good thing~~~right? So I missed show and tell monday, but I definately dont want to miss Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink. I am sure you all know by now, however if not, you dont want to miss this event. Tomorrow for one day only all of the participating boutiques at Make Mine Pink will be having a special themed shopping day. The theme this week is one of our favorites. Romantic Roses. So if you love roses like us just follow this link. . There will be gorgeous hand made items for your home or jewelry to wear. There will also be alot of beautiful vintage roses on linens, china, tea cups, etc. This is truly going to be the one pink friday you dont want to miss!

I also wanted to let you know about a wonderful opportunity going on as well. On my right hand sidebar you will see a widget for Enchanted Makeovers to "chip In" I have a more detailed post about Terry and her work with Enchanted Makeovers a few post down, but this women is great. She has a non-profit organization and makes over womens shelters. Her work has been so successful and has changed so many young womens lifes. Her current project is called Vista Maria and its in Detroit. At Make Mine Pink we are collecting money to buy the materials for 20 hope chests to be made for this project. From what I understand there is a very nice man in Utah who will be donating his time to build these for the shelter. This will be a special place for the residents, who are girls from 11 to 18 to keep their valuables and treasures in as long as they are staying at Vista Maria. These girls have nothing, but with the help of all of us maybe we can make their day a little brighter and give them hope for the future. Thank you for listening! :) Have a pretty week.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautiful Blue for Pink Friday

Its time for pink friday again. I love this time of the week. I love the challenge of coming up with something new to fit our theme. All of the participating Make Mine Pink boutiques will be offering wonderful selections in gorgeous shades of blue. If you are a fan of Victoria magazine you know every year they have one issue devoted to blue and white. That issue is on the news stands now as well. Its the perfect color for the upcoming warm weather. Check out all of the shops, there will be beautiful blue jewelry, vintage linens, needle point pillows, one of a kind art work. Its one day only, tomorrow May 8th. Have a great day and enjoy the Beautiful Blues,,,,gail

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Show and Tell & Little Lotti

Wow, another week has gone by. Its almost half way through the year! Do you realize that Christmas will be back in stores in four months. Thats just down right scary. I want to make my cupcakes and sweet dreams bakery into Christmas ornaments this year. I guess I had really better get started on that. But for now its Mothers Day and if you are looking for a perfect, unique and original present this year, dont forget about the Shop Hop going on at Make Mine Pink. There is a button on my sidebar to register to join in all the fun and find great gifts. Hey I even buy my own Mothers Day present each year. I have been really busy making new jewelry with the great roses I get from my friend cindy. She had makes these ceramic roses and I love the colors. ( These three bracelets and necklace are listed on my website now. I love the red necklace, it just makes me laugh.

Another very talented lady is Brandie from . She designs and makes a line of childrens clothes that is just adorable! She had a contest on her blog celebrating her 100th post. I was so lucky to have won! It was an adorable skirt and tank top and a really sweet doll she made. I was giving the skirt to my grand daughter Mya. I got my mail friday night and got so excited that I drove straight to Mya's house. I didnt have my camera with me! Thats what I get for being so impatient. But I borrowed the photo from her website so you can see it. I took the photo of the doll. Mya isnt getting that,,, its MINE! lol Mya has never played with dolls, however I still do. :) Her workmanship is beautiful. Great quality. Her photography is awesome. It was wrapped so sweet. SO be sure to visit her website. Thank you for my beautiful prize. Have a great week.... gail