Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fairy Cakes And My New Idea

At Make Mine Pink our annual Christmas in July Shop Hop is fast approaching and it has had me thinking about new ideas for the holidays this year. I have had friends and family putting their order in for things they would like me to make for them this year. I have always been a fan of handmade gifts but this year seems like even a better idea than most. Alot of people are under so much stress this year and I myself am being laid off very soon. So I am starting early and giving alot of thought to what special gifts I can make for friends and family this year, start early and do myself a huge favor and avoid the holiday stress before it can even start.

The idea I came up with for my Shop Hop promotion is making these gift boxes that will be free with the purchase of any of my rose jewelry. I have a few short weeks to get some of these made. Keep watching for Shop Hop details. They will be in several colors to choose from. I also made two Fairy Cakes for my Sweet Dream Bakery. these are a smaller version of the cupcake pillows. I am really getting into fairys these days. Maybe its just that its a nice thought that there is a little magic left in the world today:) Until next time....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pink Roses for Pink Friday

Yay! Its friday again! Friday is such a great day for so many reasons. Who doesnt love the weekends? Going out to dinner on friday nights with friends? Staying up later than usual? But my favorite reason for loving fridays is Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink. If you follow this link you can see all of the participating shops. Each week there is a different themed shopping day. Its one day only. This weeks theme is "A rose by any other name." Roses is all of our favorite theme. So browse the shops for rose potporri, gorgeous needlepoint tuffets, jewelry, ceramics, vintage china or tea cups. Hand dyed silk rose pins, broken china charms, cute faux pastries or beautifully scented hand made soaps. So much more, so dont miss Pink Friday, one day only, tomorrow :) Happy Shopping, Gail (This pretty pink polymer clay rose was made by my friend and artist Marie Seagal. I love using her roses in my jewelry designs. This is my newest necklace called Bubblegum :) , the hand built ceramic roses are from another amazingly talented friend Cindy from Angelheart Designs.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Enchanted Makeovers and Fairys

I have just finished a project I have been working on most of this past week. I have been making some fairy necklaces to go to a very special group of young women. Make Mine Pink and my own business Gail Friend Designs have adopted Enchanted Makeovers. This organization is operated by Terry Grahl and she makes over womens shelters. Her current project is called Vista Maria and this is shaping up to be a beautiful new place for these young women to call home. Next week they will be having a very special dinner party for these girls. There will be a chef come in to cook for them and teach them about cooking, there will be flowers and a professional photographer as well. I also believe there will be a singer to entertain. The tables will be set with vintage china and chairs adorned with beautiful fabric swags. Women all over the country have been generously making aprons for each of the girls as well. My contribution is a small gift bag with a fairy necklace that I have designed for especially for the girls and this event. I wrapped each necklace in its own bag with butterfly confetti and a pink bow. Its being shipped out in this gorgeous rose box I got at the Post Office. I wrote on the box "Enchanted Faireys Inside" hoping it would be treated with extra gentle care. :) I hope they have a magical evening that will give them happy memories for a very long time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dancing Paper Dolls and Lazy Cats

I am so happy to be participting in the Traveling Paper Art Doll Symposium. This was a project started by Kitty Kelly. This is a traveling journal project. A paper doll she created and a blank journal. Once the next participant receives it you may add on item to the doll and write in the journal. You are able to write anything in your journal entry, even a made up fairytale. Which is what I did :) Then you mail the doll out to the next name on the list. I believe there is four dolls going around, all over the globe. It is incredible fun and like being a child again. Playing with paperdolls and writing fun stories! The project has caught the eye of a larger project called 1000 journals and she is hoping for our journals to be included in a documentary. It is open to anyone who would like to participate. You can check out the project at or . My contribution was a beaded bracelet and a story about her special performance in Swan Lake. I painted her ballerina dress and slippers in the journal. She also needed a name. I was apprehensive about being the person to suggest it, but I was the third person to get her and still no name. So I suggested Bella Rose. It was alot of fun.

This is a necklace I made today also. Now I need to get sewing. I have lots to get done this next week. I have been speaking with a wonderful woman named Rose is a pretty shop up near Seattle and I have a few ideas for her. I am going to blog about her and her shop soon. I am also learning how to design my own fabric. I am working on some drawings so I can send them out to . This is a company with the most amazing idea that lets people create their own fabric. I also want to dye some of my own as well. Just busy, busy, busy, but I would not have it any other way.

And you can see what I am up against. I am trying to draw, bead, sew, work on the computer all with sleeping cats on top of what I am doing. (except the sewing, they arent allowed near the fabric :) ) So,,,, I hope you all have a creative week. Until next time,,, gail

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Along the Garden Path

Hi,, its Pink Friday again:) This is a special shopping event held each week at Make Mine Pink. there is a new theme each friday. This week all of the participating shops will be posting products for this weeks them, Along the Garden Path. There will be so many beautiful floral and garden inspired gifts being offered. Some will be hand made others will be vintage garden finds. It will be one day only, this friday. So follow this link for this fun event.

These photos are from a beautiful garden I visited at the Horsefeathers antique shop in Sandwich on Cape Cod. Her shop is full of beautiful vintage linens and lace. Its one of the most beautiful shops I have every been in and the garden in the front was so pretty! Have a pretty day! Until next time, gail

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back from Cape Cod

Hi,,, I feel like I have been gone for so long. I was away for 8 days and I never leave for that long. But it was soooo much fun. I flew into Providence RI and met 2 friends there. Nancy from Florida, Cindy from Seattle, and Marie from New York. We stayed a really nice Mariott Residence Inn. Saturday we toured some of the Mansions (the small summer homes of the Rockerfellers and such) in Newport. Had dinner and some shopping at the Harbor. But in Rhode Island its the "Hawba" lol (love their accents :) ) Sunday we drove up to Cape Cod for our retreat hosted by Joyce of Make Mine Pink. It was an adorable beach house with two smaller cottages. Joyce and her daughter Katie had everything just perfect. Our cottage was stocked with food, drinks, linens. I wont lie, it was soooo cold for me coming from AZ. I also know that my friend Kim from southern Texas was pretty darn cold too! But it was still soooo much fun. We had workshops to help with our cameras and photo taking. This was a huge help for me, I learned alot. We had a morning on the beach for "playtime" with hula hoops and building sand castles. We made gratitude journals. Now this was my kind of playtime. Thats exactly what I would have been doing as a child. Playing with paper, crayons and glue. lol. We had games! We played a game called left,right,center and let me tell you, the winner walked away with about 30 gifts! Congratulations to Marie! We had a scavenger hunt and the winning team each won a beautiful watch. We had plenty of time for shopping and antiquing and even went for icecream one evening. On our free day a few of us went to Provincetown. Very quaint little shops. I really enjoyed the shell shop. I also found a momma bird sitting on her nest with babies. And we had a pet bunny at the beach house. But soon enough it was friday and I was on my way back home to my kitties. They missed me horribly and I promised it would be awhile before I left them again :) So here is a few photos of my trip.