Friday, November 23, 2012

April and Mikes Wedding

I just got home from my daughters wedding.  What a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend.  Aprils new husband Mike made the Thanksgiving dinner and this guy is no slouch in the kitchen. (Way to go April :) )  The wedding was today and it was just beautiful.  The weather was perfect and the location was so pretty, you didnt even feel like you were in the desert!   (( Warning, lots of pictures ))

Their wedding was held at the Wright House in Mesa and the grounds are just beautiful.

Its a victorian house and the room for the Bride to get ready in was pretty.
This is all of my kids.  I love this picture.  My two daughters and son n laws and the three grandkids.  I thought this was such a cute photo of Mike fixing Mikeys shirt for the pictures.

A few pictures of the day.... April with her Dad and Mike with his Mom, my beautiful Mya and April and her little man.

AND last but not least, the cake table and reception. April made the banner that says YOU and ME on the picket fence. My sister painted the tree for the guest book.  The guests put their thumb prints on it and signed them.  I thought it was cute and VERY April :)

Thanks for sharing my familys big day!      

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aprils Wedding Flowers

My daughter April is getting married this friday the day after Thanksgiving. She is marrying Mike, and he is a wonderful guy and I believe he has the patience of a Saint. Its always nice to have a new family member in time for the Holidays :)

April asked me to make her flowers.  I have made many of the fabric flowers in various styles, but have used them more as embellishments.  I am not a floral designer at all, BUT I took the project on.  We were looking online and saw some pretty things, but they were about $250.00 for the bridal bouquet. I was being rather full of myself and saying that I may be in the wrong business.  Well, let me tell you,  they earn that money!  This was very labor intensive, it took hours.  And not only that, I do not have the temperment to work with Brides, so I will be keeping my day job after all :) .  I know its your very special day, you are spending ALOT of money and deserve everything to be just as you have imagined it since you were a little girl.  It takes a very special person to work on the other end of that scenario though, and I am not it! lol  In the end though, I am happy with them, and more important April is happy with them.

She is going with more of a nature theme, birds, birdhouses, twigs and the such.  Instead of a traditional ring bearer pillow she is using a birdnest.  :)  They will have the traditional Unity candle and will be lighting one for my grandson Mikey too.  I love this idea.  (By the way, we seem to have an over abundance of Michaels in our family and it keeps things interesting and funny)  So, here is a sneak peak at what I have been up to this last week. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, I am wishing ya all good health, happiness and peace in your Home.      

Sunday, November 11, 2012

This Was A Lot Of Fun

This was such a fun day.  Meri is a friend of mine and has host the Arizona Bloggers Luncheon for the last two years.  She does an amazing job and we have so much fun.  We have a wonderful lunch, we have a fun time playing games and we even get gifts!!! Meri knows how to throw a party.  But the best part of all is she always has a project for us.  This year we made Christmas wreaths from vintage ornaments.  Her studio is adorable and full of vintage things.  I think you could be there two weeks and not see everything! 

Meri is an amazing artist.  She creates so many amazing things, but I love her paper clay sculptures.  Be sure to visit her blog and see more of her art.  Here are a few photos of our get together, Meris blog and a few of the wreaths that were created.  Mine is the pink and aqua colored one.  ( suprise suprise )