Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mothers Day at Make Mine Pink

At Make Mine Pink there is a month long celebration of Mothers Day. Last Thursday was recipe day. Anyone who knows me would be laughing out loud at me participating in a recipe exchange. I have been blessed with many talents, BUT the two things I am hopeless at is Cooking and cutting hair. My kithchen is so cute and its just for looks. Although I have more sets of the most beautiful dishes. Oh well thats just the way it is. LOL

For today the topic is gift giving. Whats the best gifts to give, or what not to give. This probably goes back to the fact I dont cook, but please dont give me something useful. I want cute and fun! I think the best gifts are books and Joanns or Michaels gift cards. I LOVE art supplies. (they talk to me, I swear they do.) Handmade cards and pictures made by my Grandkids are right up there at the top too! Those are priceless and I always have them up in my "gallary" for everyone to enjoy. I hope all of you Moms out there get exactly what you want. You all deserve the best. And the best part is the best doesnt mean expensive. It truly is the thought that counts.

Show and Tell Monday :)

Show and tell monday is always one of my favorite posts. That means my friends are making new posts as well. I get to see what everyone is doing this week. I have been soooo busy this week with trying to get my house ready to sell and work has been crazy, but I managed to get a few things finished. Thats why I love it; it would be so easy to brush off not completing anything when its gets crazy but I love participating so much I get something done.

I am also trying to come up with an absolutely WOW idea for consideration to have something published in a jewelry magazine. Normally I am never at a lack for ideas but I want this to be over the top. And as I mentioned its just been crazy this week. I hope to have something working for me by the middle of the week. Well, I cant wait to visit everyone. Until next time....

The necklace is one more of the hand built ceramic roses from Cindy at Angel Heart Designs. The Bracelet is actually more lavender and purple than the pictures shows, and this is a small tote I made from a leg of some old blue jeans. Its lined in a yellow/orange batik fabric with cats on it. I was just experimenting and just through it together.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yeah, its show and tell Monday again

I love show and tell monday. I love seeing what everyone is up to. You all are so creative and talented! You just keep me inspired.

I have made a few new jewelry pieces. I am trying to be more creative and original. I am striving to be more unique with each new design. My friend Cindy from Angel Heart Designs Makes these beautiful hand built ceramic rose buttons. So I am coming up with all kinds of ideas to incorporate them into bracelets and necklaces. I LOVE these buttons. I am also experimenting with very small silk or paper flowers in frames. And I found this seahorse and couldnt wait to do something different with it.

I cant wait to visit your blogs as well. Also, this is the start of the Make Mine Pink shop hop. Check out all of the details on the post below. You wont regret how much fun this will be. I hope you all have a happy creative week ahead!!!! Until next time.....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Make Mine Pink Shop Hop and Mothers Day

Make Mine Pink will be offering a Mother's Day Shop Hop starting on April 21st, 2008 and ending on May 10th, 2008. Join the Make Mine Pink Bloggers as we each post our plans for a Mother's Day Event~ we will share stories and recipes, a garden hat or two, and stop and smell the roses along the way.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mya's Concert!!!

Sometimes I just have to BE a grandma and brag so be patient with me. lol Tonight was my Grandaughter Mya's spring concert at school. She is in the first grade now.Man she is growing up soooo fast. The concert was outdoors and the weather couldnt be more perfect. Even a nice cool breeze. It was hard to get any pictures of them singing; by then it had gotten dark and they didnt turn out too well. But these are some before and her BFF. Her and Arianna were in kindergarden together too. I hope they stay close friends forever. We had a blast and the kids were so cute. So I just had to post a couple pictures for now.

I am working on more jewelry and sewing and I will have more to post for sure before Make Mine Pinks show and tell monday!! until next time,, happy creating gail

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Flowers

I hope you are having a beautiful day! Its spring and time to plant flowers. I love going to the local nurseries and picking out just the perfect flowers to bring home. I have a container garden on my back patio. You really have to enjoy them for their time here in the desert is very short lived. We have about 3 months to enjoy there company.

I have been busy in my studio as well. I have been designing some new projects. Some go together right away and others I have had to try a few times. I am building up an inventory to do some local craft shows. I will put some in my Etsy shop as well. Let me know what you have been up to? Until next time.........

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Its Spring, but getting to close to Summer!

Hi all:

In Arizona spring is short, in just a few short weeks it will be 100 degrees. So we have to enjoy this time now. My guy, Jeff and I went to Southmountain Park by my house and I took some pictures. It almost always looks the same here though. I have lived here all of my life, so I am used to not having seasons, but when I talk to all of my online friends and hear about the beautiful fall leaves, the first snow, the first signs of buds coming out of the ground in spring it makes me kinda sad. There are trade off though. No digging out of snow seems like a BIG plus to me. LOL . For better or worse, its home and I am always glad to get back here when I travel; even in August.

I have found out about alot of great groups out there. I signed up with the Arizona Crafty Burrito Collective this last weekend. This is an Etsy street team group. I cant wait for the first meeting I can go to. It sounds like they are very involved with the local art and craft scene in the Phoenix area and a great outlet to sell. I have also joined as well. So lots of exciting things on the horizon for me.

Stay tuned for my new designs in jewelry. I have came up with some really original and different ideas. I am hoping to post some by this weekend. I hope to be featuring another artist next week. Have a great day, until next time.............