Sunday, September 28, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Well, I finally feel like its time to get back to business. For the last three months I have been so busy with selling my house and moving and getting ready for the Make Mine PInk Retreat. I am all settled in my apt. and happy as can be. The retreat has been a week ago. I just dont know why time goes soooo fast. I had the best time ever. Now its time to take what I learned and put it into practice. I have had so many good ideas and I have already started working on them. I have added a couple catagories to my website and have been adding new items. So check it out if you get a minute. Also I had a few pieces of jewelry published in a publication called Jewelry Creations and its finally hit the stands. I am over the top happy with it. Magazines are done so far in advance and when I submitted these I didnt have a website yet, but I am hoping it will still be good exposure.

I have decided to do some really small, but sparkly earrings. I have called them fairey sparkles. They are perfect if you prefer a smaller earring. I made this dragonfly neclace today. This crown necklace was something I came up with for the business recognition display I did. These are now on my website. And last but not least my magazine post. You all have a great and creative day. Until next time..........gail

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pink Friday ~ A stitch in time

Wow, its Pink Friday time. Our theme this week is a stitch in time. So many of the Make Mine Pink Boutiques will have beautiful items for this theme. By clicking onto this link, you will have one stop, convenient shopping to all of this weeks participating boutiques. But hurry, its one day only. This Friday, the 25th.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Williamsburg VA ~~ Part two

I just wanted to post a few more pictures of my fabulous weekend at the Make Mine Pink Retreat. I just cant say enough times how much fun, inspiration, and information this weekend was. Plus these women are very good friends. As the year goes on I will post about next years retreat and I hope you can join us!

The first picture is a teddy bear I made for Joyce Lucas, the founder of MMP. I posted a partial picture hinting a few posts ago. LOL Its made from a Make Mine PInk Tshirt. I loved these pumpkins that were painted pink for out table centerpieces at dinner. Too cute! During the retreat we had a business recognition award compititon. I only got a few good pictures, but I would love to post a few examples of the talent in this room!!! These ladies, and everyone else went above and beyond for this compition. First is my friend Carolyn of Her pink pinecones are scented with a peppermint and white chocolate..absolutely delicious! Then is Janet with her adorable pillows. You can find her at and then there is our cute little Michelle. This was a stunning display. She really outdid herself. You can find her at I hope you enjoyed a little trip to Williamsburg with me.....Until next time...gail

Monday, September 22, 2008

Williamsburg VA Squirrel

I have just returned from the Make Mine Pink Conference in Williamsburg VA. It was the most fantastic trip I have made in a long time. The speakers were awesome and we took away so much useful information for our business. The food was excellent and there was ALOT of it. Especially the chocolate. I got to visit old friends and make lots of new ones. This event is life changing and I would encourage anyone to consider this event next year.

We got in Williamsburg on Friday with a few hours to look around. We went to Colonial Williamsburg. Now keep in mind, I am from the Southwest. The Desert. The green and all of the history was mind boggeling to me. Something else we dont have in the desert are squirrels. Every time I go somewhere and I see them, I am facinated. I think they are the cutest things ever. They always seem happy and they are always running around and they look like they are having fun. Now, the people I am with find this odd. From what I understand they find squirrels kind of a pest. They really cant figure out why I chase them around with my camera to take there picture. Everytime someone sees my vacation pictures, someone always says "why did you take so many pictures of the squirrels.?" So ya all can think I am a little off, but I like this little guy!

Next are a few pictures from my display that I entered in the Business Recognition Award compition. The entries were beautiful. The compition was very stiff and the winner was Eileen of Forget me not Dreams. Her display was just so pretty and inspirational. Everyone did a great job and they were so professional. I plan on having a few posts this week, so stop back by. So until next time.......gail

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Show and Tell is for the birds and the bees...

Well, this is the week so many of us has been waiting for! This friday is the Make Mine Pink Retreat in Williamsburg VA. I have been working really hard to get ready for this event. I have entered the Business Recognition Award compitition. I am as ready as I ever will be. This will be a great experience and the winner is going to be one lucky and talented lady. I am really, really looking forward to seeing my pink friends again and meet all the new members who will be going. The speakers are going to be a huge influence on my business. The food will be awesome and there will be a ton of chocolate! Next week I will have awesome photos and stories for sure.

This week I have been inspired by birds. Just a couple new pieces. Next is my plane ticket and the required box of chocolates to enter the hospitality suite for the party. LOL Alot of people are bringing pretty fancy chocolates, I love Russell Stover anyway :) Hey they are lucky I am not bring hersheys. (my other favorite) And finally a glimpse of a suprise I have been working on. I promise to show the whole thing next week..... So until next time........gail

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Autumn Home for Pink Friday

This week for the Pink Friday theme its Autumn Home. I am so happy that its soon going to be fall. Living in the desert its always so welcome. By August you just cant stand it anymore of being 115 degrees. For that reason (and my birthday being in Oct.) Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors of fall. I love Halloween and helping the grandkids come up with there costumes. From October until the end of the year its all about celebrating and being with friends and family and not burning your hands everytime you try and get in the car! :)

You dont want to miss our weekly shopping event at Make Mine Pink. All of the participating members will be offering all kinds of wonderful products for your fall decorating and entertaining. From wreaths, candles, vintage tableware and linens. And its only for one day only. So dont miss out: go to on this Friday the 12th and enjoy all of the beautiful things with convenient one stop shopping.... Until next time.............gail

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Monday ~ anyone showing and telling?

Hi everyone... I have been soooo busy and I have been able to get so much done. I cant post alot of it just yet because its for the Make Mine Pink Business Recognition Compition and it top secret. (sshhh :) ) Creatively I had been a little stuck,but this has been an awesome week. It was just clicking and I am pretty happy with everything. I havent done too much else, just in the zone and I like it there. LOL

The first thing I am posting is this little babyshoe pincushion I made. I have seen these pop up once in awhile, but I thought they were so cute, I just wanted to try one. Next is a necklace I made using one of Cindy Houot's ceramic roses. I love here roses for my jewelry. The next things are a little different for me, but I like to mix it up sometimes. These are my pirate girl earrings. Its a carved bone bead. If nothing else, halloween is just around the corner. These next earrings are holding the planet in your hands, the sun and oceans, its up to each of us! The last thing is a simple necklace, but has an elegance to it also. So thats what I have for you this week. I will have alot of new stuff to show in a couple weeks and tons to add to my website. So keep posted. Until next time........gail

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