Thursday, January 10, 2013

Display Ideas

I have been lucky enough to be in some local shops over the years.  One of the very best things you can do to help your sales and stand out from your competition is to create unique display settings. I think this is really important at craft shows as well.  I have always had a very unique style and the two terms used the most to describe it is "pink" or "Gail-ish"  :)  But drawing the crowds eye your way is worth the effort.  Using object that have been reinvented or in a different way is fun.

With this being a new year, I am full of new ideas and changes that will be totally new for me.   My job really takes up so much of my time, but very blessed to have it and even more blessed that I LOVE it.  Even so I have been doing some event planning.  I really have fun with that and it fits into a business plan I have been working on for a couple years.  So we will see what the Universe has in store with that dream.  But I have been sketching some Art Dolls.  I think they are a very original idea and I cant wait to share them.  I just need to get this off the ground first. I just dont want to give away my idea yet. :) But, this is what got me thinking about displays.  I want to incorporate my dolls and bears into a wonderland display all their own.  Its an exciting prospect. I just hope to find more time to balance my work and my creative dreams!

I thought I would share some of my display ideas from the past. Maybe they will give you some ideas for a display for your next craft show or photo shoot!

Happy Creating, Gail