Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Creations To Keep Me Busy

Well, I am really looking forward to the fall.  Its been 115-ish for the last few days.  But I guess if I was to choose weather, this has been a good week to be in AZ.  With earthquakes and hurricanes I will take the heat. I hope everyone back East is doing well and will be back to normal very soon.

I have actually been getting alot of creating done.  So for Show and Tell Monday at Make Mine Pink I thought I would post a few new things.  I actually made the cupcake pillow for my Grand daughters birthday.  I am really excited about the holidays coming up.  I am in the "zone" and I hope to have more to post soon.  Have a pretty and SAFE week ahead.


Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Loving Cute Pink Computer Stuff:)

I just wanted to share these fun pink cables I just got:)  These are so fun and they match my pink kitty computer tower.  Its a set of three cables,,, here is the official names...

GE 3 Cable Kit USB,Cat5,USB Mini Device 6ft each PinkListed for charity

My friend and computer guy hooked me up with these, but he has an Ebay shop and has a few more sets to sell.  I know how my friends like pink as much as I do,  so I wanted to let you all know where to find them, here at Tonys place.    
I will have lots of new things to share in the next few days.  I am having fun with a new idea for pillows and I have also started working on some projects for my new shop.  I start teaching some craft classes at the end of this week also.  I have been doing well, a lot more energy and ready to begin working on my future. Lets get this party started! :)   

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Two New Addictions and New Classes

Wow, its the middle of August.  The kids are back in school and fall is on its way. I love the fall its my favorite time of the year.  This summer has gone pretty fast. In a way, but its been weird. Having surgery at the beginning of June seems like so long ago.  I am making progress. For awhile I felt like I had it a plateau, but I am feeling pretty good now:)  The really big news is I went to the Mall today! Its been years since I have been able to go to a mall.  I walked around Barnes and Noble and to the food court for a drink. I sat there reading my new issue of Where Women Create. I love that publication!  The ediors letter from Jo Packam at the beginning really got me thinking. Really Thinking! Its been a stressful three weeks trying to get back to work. I finally started yesterday. I wont go into all of the details, but the company hired to handle my employers leaves of absense was horrible.  I have been put through the ringer, rung out and feeling pretty beat up over the whole ordeal.  But back to Jo's letter. It was about your passion and "Your Dream" and how elusive it can be. Just when you think you have it nailed down, it starts moving on you.  Life happens or while you are happily going down the path to that goal, there is a fork in the road. A new idea!  A new opportunity!  I have had so much time to think this summer, perhaps a little too much time.  I have thoroughly confused myself.  Finally things are making sense and the clouds of confusion are parting a little. The things I know for sure are that its time to move. Move towards my business I have planned.  To start I have been presented the opportunity to teach some craft classes at the new shop I am in. Green Table Gifts is a new shop and they are offering some really fun classes. I am going to be teaching these baby shoe pin cushions and these headbands with matching pin. This is just the beginning. I am working on some other projects for future classes.  I am going to incorporate my event planning in my classes.  I am going to use my Cupcakes and Cute Stuff name and serve drinks and bring cupcakes to my classes. I am going to style my events and make it alot of fun.  The attendees can bring their girl friends, hang out and catch up, learn something new and take home a new treasure they made themselves all the while enjoying cupcakes and cute stuff! :) Its the first step of my dream and I couldnt be happier.
Oh yeah, I HAVE to share my two new favorite addictions.  I have never really watched Project Runway, but I love that show. Its only two shows in, but so far I think I am team Burt! He is older and really has an amazing talent. Hopefully he will be mature to go along with that talent.  AND have you been to Pinterest??? This place is so addicting. There is so much inspiration and creating your own Pin Boards is so fun and can be really usful. I have to really put a timer on myself or I wont get anything else done. That wont do,,, I have new products to create for new classes. :)  I hope you have a great week and spend some time working on your Dream.            

Monday, August 1, 2011

My New Addiction:)

OK, this is seriously fun.  Since I am home recovering I have been watching alot more TV than usual. I got into an HSN special with Martha Stewart.  They had an exclusive for this one event. I think it will eventually be available on her site, but it appears to be all sold out on HSN and I was not able to find any photos on their site to post here. But this is a knitting and weaving kit. There are different size bars, circular looms, and different sized pegs to create all kinds of knitted or woven items. I have tried and tried to knit and even crochet. I dont know if its because I am left handed, or if thats a good excuse for just not having the knitting gene!  But I went to my sisters to bum a skein of yard to practice. I set the loom up for a scarf and was just going to practice. This is soooo easy, my first effort has turned out and it will even be able to be used! Next I am going to make a hat. There are directions for making the flowers too. So I will even all a couple flowers. I think I will make a few as gifts too. I am going to be working on a hand made Christmas this year. I better get started:)  I hope you all have a great day and have fun creating something new.