Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Have A Story To Tell

I have been experiencing something very interesting.  It is either very awesome, or nothing at all.   It started a couple months ago while online hopping from blogs to pinterest to everywhere magical in between. I dont even remember where, but I can along a post about Angels and white feathers.  I said if a white feather falls at your feet, it is to let you know your Angel is watching and protecting you.  I have never really thought much about Angels.  Not bad or good,  just hasnt came up in my thoughts often and had not formed any particular beliefs.  This passage must have stuck somewhere in the back recesses of my already over crowded mind.

My first experience was early one morning while I was pet sitting.  I was out on their covered patio.  The dogs running around and me deep in thought.  I was contemplating my job.  I love love love my job, but to be honest I was needing to make more money.  While I was sitting there, out of the blue a small white feather came floating down at my feet.  I did notice it, but didnt give it too much thought until I got to work.  One of my co workers was giving her two week notice.  I was so sorry to see my friend leaving us, but it left me with the opportunity to get a raise.

My next experience was concerning my sweet cat Annie.  She got sick very fast and within two days I was taking her to the vet to be put down.  The vet wanted to run a couple tests first. Turned out Annie was very diabetic. Her blood sugar was over 600. They put her on glucose and IV's and had me leave her there until 5pm.  I had a perscription for insuline and she was perking up.  I had car problems and was waiting on a tow truck to get me to Discount Tire so I could run these errands and pick up my little Annie.  I was getting frustrated with the tow truck, they were very late.  At 2pm I went outside to see if maybe they were driving around looking for me.  I looked at the clock and know it was 2pm.  As I walked out this white feather floated down and landed at my feet.  I picked it up and put it in my purse.  While sitting at Discount, the vet called me with some bad news.  She said at 2 oclock Annie started having respitory problems, they had her on a ventilater and giving her CPR. I had to let her go.

The third time was this week.  At work, we have a Marketing/PR lady in our office who has been swamped. We were toying around with the idea of me helping her out part time.  I was driving on an errand for work, thinking about if this would really be too much.  We are swamped at my job too, and I am missing creating so much and want to find time for new designs.  Sitting at a stop light, I kid you not,  I see something falling out of the sky.  As it got closer, it was a white feather floating down and landed right by my car door where I was sitting!

I see white feathers almost every day now. This is just three stories. But they make me happy.  I dont see these as "good luck" or "your wish came true".  Its simpy the thought that no matter what happens, good luck, the loss of a loved one, just know someone is watching over you.  I put the feather that floated at my feet when Annie went into respitory failure at 2pm in this cylinder and made a necklace to always remember.

I am something of a paranormal geek. I dont speak much of it often.  You never know how people will react to a different way of seeing things.  But taking some photos this morning I was out back.  I took a picture of the cats at the screen door.  I see this face!!! It is probably the dirt pattern on the screen, but its kind of cool. Soooo,,, Angels or a lot of pigeons!!! That is the question?