Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

I always put my tree up on Thanksgiving night. I dont have a very large tree, or a very fancy one either. My tree has lots of ornaments that I have collected over my life. Kind of like my charm bracelet. I always like to buy hand made ornaments whenever I can. I also love making ornaments! I used to buy a new ornament for each of my daughters when they were growing up, then when they left home I gave them their collection. Word to the wise out there, if you do this make sure you by yourself one too. I failed to do this and had a bare tree for awhile. LOL But I love that tradition and I know alot of people do this.

Many of you know my office manager Lucy,,, she even helped decorate the tree. My cats are so funny, they love laying under the tree. They are all piled up sleeping their afternoons away.
This top photo was some ornaments I made for my friend Joyce and she took these on her tree! They are just awesome. The pink angel was mine when I was a little girl from the 60's. Its still my absolute favorite. I bought the teddy bear santa and the moose in a stocking at a Harvest Festival back in the 80's.
I have been making lots of cupcake and ice cream cone ornaments and they are in all colors. I have some on my website and can also take special requests for colors. I hope you have a great week and are having fun decoration and getting ready for the holidays!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Short and Sweet

Its Thanksgiving week already! I think this year was on warp drive. I hope everyone has special plans this year with their family. Take time to think about all of the wonderful things in your life to give Thanks for :) This year for the holidays I am focusing on having fun and enjoying time spent with friends and family. I am usually far to busy being stressed out about everything being perfect. I think one blessing from being unemployed this holiday is the fact that alot of those issues that cause so much stress has been taken out of my hands. I just have to go with the flow and see what each day brings and there is a very liberating feel to that. I dont have the budget for perfect and when that fact is taken out of the situation, what is left is concentrating on what is affordable. That is being able to go to school programs to see your grand kids perform, ballet recitals, visiting friends, playing games and baking cookies. Not only is that affordable,,,,, its priceless. (So take that Master Card. lol)

I have some new cupcake ornaments that I have been working on. Here are a few. They will be going on my website very soon. I have been having fun making gifts for people, but I fear I cant post photos or I will give it away. So I dont have a lot to show this week. But this elf needs to get back to the workshop. Have a beautiful, happy, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

THE Ultimate Gift Basket

The holidays are fast approaching. Really fast! I am doing my best to be ahead of scheduele this year. I am doing pretty good too. But shhh, dont tell anyone, I would hate to jinx myself. I think one of the easiest ways to stay ahead and be organized is shopping online. As most of you know I belong to Make Mine PInk and we have so many shopping events going on. We have all made the commitment to make customer service top priority this season. Put some Joy into this season after such a hard year. Many of the boutiques are offering free gift wrapping, and free offers and gifts. This friday our weekly themed shopping event is "all about family" for Make Mine Pink Friday. Find great gifts for all members of your family or holiday decorations to start new family traditions. Then November 27th through December 8th is our annuel 12 days of Christmas Shop Hop. Its even more special this year for a couple of very BIG and exciting reasons. We have invited Shabbylane Shops, Victorian Heart Shoppes and Shabby Cottage Shops to be part of this event. Its going to be huge! You can check this link for complete details, , but during these dates you want to visit each participating websites and find their hidden shopping bag. Click on that bag to register your find. There are some fabulous prizes, but the Grand prize is whats being called the Ultimate Gift Basket! Find all of the hidden bags and be put in a drawing for this grand prize. Its retail value is over $1,000.00. Everything inside has been contributed by participating Make Mine Pink shops. The basket is very large and lined in a lush rich velvet. You really dont want to miss this one! But while looking for those shopping bags... take a little time to see what special offers and sales are going on. You may just get some of your holiday shopping done too! I plan on adding lots of these cute cupcake ornaments for your tree and gift giving. I will also be offering free gift wrapping upon request!

AND if this isnt enough.... November 21st,,, this saturday night is the Pink Twilight Sale. Its 6hours of unbelievable bargains. This is our version of an online tag sale. Last month was soooo fun. Its 6pm to 12 midnight EST.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I met an amazing artist

I did a show at the Irish Cultural Center this weekend and had a great time. It is located in downtown Phoenix in the cutest cottage. They hold alot of events and weddings here as well as Irish celebrations. I met some of the nicest people and plan to join some of their groups. During this show their was a quilt artist named Beverly Fizzell. She had her work displayed during our show. She is pure genious. Her work is done all by hand. I enjoyed speaking with her so much. She is a painter and artist of many mediums. She does not sell her quilts and it took her friends to convince her to display them! I hope she will keep displaying them because they are truly a work of art the world would love to see. She was such a nice person and so humble. I hope you enjoy the photos. They were very high on the wall, so my photos arent quite a good as I would have liked.

The carousel with the horses flying off took her two years. She told me the dancing girl was her 2 second quilt she made. (wow, can you imagine!) The man hole cover is pure genious. I have never seen anything like it. She said it was hanging on the ceiling of her home. The dog has a collar and the shoe laces actually dangle down. The cats are gorgeous. To give the appearance of muscle structure and a dimensional look she wet the fabric and stretch and pulled to manipulate the fabric. I hope you have enjoyed meeting Beverly,,, I know I sure did. I hope to see her again at the Center.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cupcakes and Fairytales

Join us for Make Mine Pink Fridays one day only themed shopping day. I have been waiting all year for this weeks theme. Cupcakes and fairytales. There will be so beautiful and magical gift selections. Faux cupcakes to decorate your kitchen, fairy jewelry, cupcake pillows to decorate with and you may even be lucky enough to find some enchanted fairy houses!

The beautiful ceramic fairy house pictured here is from and if you would love to see what the other participating shops are offering, stop by friday at

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am getting in the holiday spirit

Most people look forward to putting up the decorations and the tree. I look forward to giving my blog a holiday makeover. lol So, I have a new look to show you. I have also been working on lots of new projects for the holidays and will be adding to my website soon. I will be having a special promotion during the Make Mine Pink Christmas Shop Hop. It will be a different ornament offered each day. They will all have a bakery or sweet treat theme and if you purchase the whole set they will be packed in a nifty bakery box tied up with a pretty bow for the the holidays. Here is the first ornament, and ice cream cone. I am loving heart these days too. So, here is a little of what I am working on. Have a great week and happy creating,,,gail