Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Past, Present and Future

I have been feeling pretty good and on top of things this Holiday.  My daughter is happily married, my job is going well and my family is well and healthy.  I got my tree up early this year.  In fact it is the first year I have had one up in a few years.  These are a few of the ornaments that I have made over the years and I always love getting them out and seeing them. I love all the ornaments I have collected over the years. Many are hand made by friends as well.  Its neat to remember each ornaments story.

Every year my friend Judy and I get together and make the Snowmen  "candybars" for our friends and coworkers.  Its a whole afternoon of fun, watching Christmas movies and eating!

But its been a quiet weekend.  I have been watching some holiday shows.  The sad news has been heart breaking and I cant stand to watch the TV coverage or be on Facebook. I get angry at some of the posts.  The election process was bad enough.  I honestly think it is time to just turn it all off for now, sit quietly and keep these families in my thoughts and prayers.   This is my favorite ornament of all.  My pink Angel.  We got this when I was about 6 years old back in the 60's. The same age as most of the little Angels that were lost.  I hope these families find some Peace in the coming year.