Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love the Weekends

Its been a nice rainy spring weekend. Actually pretty cold and windy, but we see that so rarely in sunny Arizona that I love it!  I spent this weekend visiting friends and family and doing a little shopping. I really needed it. I am going through training at work and its been very stressful for me. The small dept. I worked in was sent back to the corporate offices back in MN. So our small group is training for a new dept. It will be ongoing for almost 4 months. I had just gone through training for that position last summer and was finally getting comfortable in my job. I have to admit at 52 I like change less and less. However the world is more and more fast paced and you need to be open to change. This causes stress to me. Then I stress about not getting the time I need to be creating and getting things listed on my website, etsy site and my space at Tillies Attic. When this training is over I go right into having major surgery and a 4-6 week recovery. I figured out  I better get my priorities in order. Of course I need and am very thankful for my job. My health has to be top priority for me too. I am just not going to be worried about all of the extras. Spending time enjoying life on my days off is my new way of de-stressing!  Not sure how much I will be creating in the near future, but I will enjoy it when I do.
I made a trip over to Tillies Attic and just had to share some new photos of the shop. It looks prettier every time I go in.  There is a new "tea room" decor area and its full of sweet items. If ya live in the Phoenix area, stop by sometime and visit Tillies. Its in Mesa on the Southeast corner of Dobson and Guadalupe and they are opened 9:30 to 5:00 Tuesday through Satuday. :)

I hope you all have a pretty week.     

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Love Hearts

There is something about the shape of a heart. Its curving and femine. Its always been a favorite of mine. Even back in school I used to dot my "I"s with a heart.  My teachers werent thrilled and I had to learn I couldnt do that in school, but to this day I will on occasion dot my "I"s with a heart.  I collect Teddy Bears and Hearts and since its Valentines Day I thought I would share a few I have around my studio.

There is even an artist none for her Heart art. Her name is Debbie Marie. A very good friend of mine is lucky enough to have two of her pieces and the colors are amazing. This is a photo from her website and if you get a chance you may want to take a look.  Art can leave an emotional feeling over the observer and I feel Debbies art is happy and optimistic.

I hope everyone has a sweet Valentines Day. I have stuffed animals, balloons and heart shaped boxes of candy to deliver to my Grandkids. They are my Vanlentines this year:)